Monday, June 5, 2023

Discovering Alleys and Passageways in Arachova, Greece

What do I love about Arachova, Greece?
So many twisty-turny passageways to explore.

This awesome little village 
is no sleepy town. 

Situated on the side of a mountain 
makes it a fine location for a ski resort 
(Yes! Skiing in Greece!)
offering a lively nightlife. 

It's close proximity for those who wish to visit Delphi 
also makes it a great place to spend the night. 

The people we met here were very friendly as well. 
One woman told us how to get inside this church. 

This little guy welcomed us too. 

Being on a mountainside 
means there were plenty of steps. 

I lost count climbing these steps 
when I stopped to catch my breath, 
but google says there are 264. 

The steps lead up to this church. 

Do you love all those arched doors?
I LOVE them!! 

There is one main street that runs through Arachova, 
the rest are the small side streets. 

The main street isn't very big either 
but it is lined with 
shops, bakeries, cafes, and restaurants. 

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jabblog said...

It looks very enticing, but the steps are a killer!