Sunday, June 11, 2023

Off the Beaten Path in Seaside Kardamyli

How to spend an entire day in Kardamyli, Greece. 

Seaside Kardamyli is not your typical tourist town, 
it's where the locals hang out. 
And that is so refreshing. 

We spent an entire day just relaxing here, 
which being married to a very active person 
isn't common on our vacations. 

We began our day with an early walk to 
Old Town Kardamyli Museum.

The Old Town was built in the 18th Century 
on the side of a mountain. 

Old Kardamyli is one of the oldest towns in the Peloponnese Mountains.
Old enough that Homer referred to it in the Iliad.  

From the Old Town 
we continued hiking up the mountain 
to the Church of Sophia. 

And even a little higher we found a little village 
with great views and some houses in need of new owners. 
Tempting...the views are worth it. 

Hiking back down and through the town to our hotel, 
 we freshened up and readied ourselves for some beach time. 

Ok, you need shoes on these beaches, 
even though they consist of rounded stones 
they are hard on your feet. 

You can take a seat and a waiter will present himself 
from one of the local eateries 
and take your order. 

 ✅ Bucket List - Being served beverages while relaxing on the beach.

Then back to the hotel for Happy Hour 
followed by dinner along the water's edge. 

Tikla Cuzina and Wine Bar

For me, this is a perfect vacation day, 
but there is so much more of Greece to see,
so tomorrow we are on the road again. 

My relaxing day was 
climbing 39 floors and 
walking 20,071 steps. 
He's lucky I love him
because it was a relaxing day for us. 

The house he wants to renovate for the view. 

Kardamyli is small.
A long weekend here is plenty of time to relax 
visit the shops and restaurants, 
and explore.

** You can also rent Kayaks and take a tour of the caves, 
but because of a kayaking event there were no tours while we were there. 

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