Sunday, June 11, 2023

Visiting Delphi: The Center of the Ancient Greek World

Delphi is a two-in-one town. 
The new town is a modern day village.
The ancient town 
which the ancient Greeks considered to be the center of heaven and earth,
is an archeological site. 

The residents of the ancient town 
were transplanted to the new town 
to make way for archaeological excavations. 

The new village is dissected by several one-way,
narrow, terraced streets.

In an hour or so you can walk through the whole town. 

I had no idea Greece was so mountainous. 
We certainly burned a lot of calories climbing up and down steps. 
Climbing up high anywhere in Delphi provides beautiful views. 

And with a short walk we are taken back to ancient times....

In the Delphi Archeological Museum -
note the detail remaining on this ancient bronze statue,
"The Charioteer," 5th century BC. 

This treasury along The Sacred Way was reconstructed in 1903-6.

The theater commands an impressive view. 

The people came to Delphi to consult with the oracle, the priestess of Apollo.
The pillars and some of the foundation 
from the Temple of Apollo are all that remain today. 

The Ancient Path was used by those visiting the Oracle of Delphi.

Delphi is located about a 2 hour drive from Athens 
and can easily be visited in one day
unless you want to explore the area in more depth. 
Most people come to visit the archeological site
 and museum set in a mountainous environment.  
But there are also hiking trails and ski slopes
in close proximity.

APOLLO | The ancient god of oracles. The most Greek of all gods. 

ORACLE | A person through whom a deity speaks.

THE SACRED WAY | The main path leading from the entrance 
to the temple of Apollo. 

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