Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Birthday Celebration

New Year's Eve in our home is a birthday...
My youngest, and only son, was born on New Year's Eve -
much to my husband's joy - (he really wanted another tax deduction to offset capital gains.)

We have made a tradition of celebrating the two events by joining Wing Mak,
now owner of Wing Lee Cuisine in Horsham, PA,
for a Birthday/New Year's Eve dinner.

Wing Lee's is my son's favorite restaurant.
It is Chinese, but not just any corner store Chinese,
it is delicious Chinese food.

Wonton Soup

You will never want to go back to your 
corner Chinese place again after visiting Wing Lee's.

Steamed Dumplings

The food is melt in your mouth delicious.
Crispy on the outside, yet tender on the inside kind of deliciousness.

Shrimp with Vegetables

And Wing is friendly as can be.

Sizzling Shrimp & Scallops in Pepper Sauce

Wing makes sure customer service is a priority too.

Honey Walnut Shrimp

Even if you think you don't like Chinese food...
this will change your mind.

So if you are one of my local follows,
RUN don't walk to Wing Lee's.
The rest of you I must leave drooling!


Jeannette StG said...

Funky birthday candles -wish him happy birthday from me:) Love his hat too! He may find it missing one day!
Good that we went to eat with my son's friend (from Beijing now lives here), because he took us to a most awesome Chinese restaurant in Riverside (an hour away) -looks and sounds like your son's fave restaurant:). If you never tasted Peking Duck, you should try it!

Anonymous said...

I got a hat like that for Christmas and I LOVE it, it's major league warm!

Yum, I love Chinese food! I just realized I've eaten here before, it's 3 miles from where I work!

Kathy said...

I LOVE good Chinese. Too bad I'm so far away (and I don't think Texas has a reputation for excellent Chinese food!)

SouthernSass said...

He's so cute! I LOVE good Chinese food too - definitely a favorite of mine!

Kerry said...

Oh my, I would love to head over there right now. I LOVE good Chinese food. And our youngest son was born on January 1, so we missed out on the tax exemption that year, although I suppose we got it back 18 years later...or did we? I don't know!

jabblog said...

Sounds like an excellent tradition to me and the food looks wonderful :-)