Monday, January 31, 2011

Fire and Ice Festival, Mt Holly, NJ Part 2

This is the fire part of the Festival...
I posted on the ice here.
I love that this part was held in the old town Fire House.
Check out the dates on the corners...that's pretty old by USA standards


Inside the fire house was a Chili Competition.
Here you see they are prepared in case things got a little too hot!


After the judging was finished
the public was welcome to circle around
and taste all the entries.

Mmmmmm, yum

My personal favorite was called 'Biker Chili.'
It was a complex mix of peppery flavors with a kick.
And check out the 'bike' he is serving it from

Out and about there was a lot of other things going on.
Here are some of my favorite shots.

Smallest dog I have ever seen...under 2lbs.

A lady stilt walker who juggles too.

A few reenactors from the Revolutionary  War.

Balloons are always fun.

Music from the storefront.

Dog sled demos

To see all my photos from this event, click here.

Fire & Ice Festival
Historic Mount Holly, New Jersey
Saturday, January 29, 2011
10:30am - 4pm
Free Admission


Kathy said...

With such fun people and some fun food, what more could a camera gal like you hope for! Love the lady juggler's pic! Such vibrant color.

jabblog said...

So much to entertain - great photos:-)

Anonymous said...

Nice collection, I really like the portrait with the stilt walker, that's a fun shot!