Friday, January 21, 2011

Penn State Abington Campus

These black and white photos were taken at
Penn State University, Abington Campus.

This campus is a commuter school
but offers a large number of 4 year degree programs
so that you do not need to transfer to main campus to complete a degree.

I think it is funny that my daughter ended up here,
because when she was in high school
she wanted to go to school as far away from home as possible.

She applied to NO schools north of the Mason Dixon line
all the way south to Texas.

After one semester in southwestern Virginia and monthly trips home via Amtrack...
she was ready to transfer...back to Pennsylvania.

I guess home was not so bad after all!

She is majoring in biology
and should be finished next year.

It is a very pretty campus!
You can view all my photos of  Penn State Abington here.


Anonymous said...

20 years ago, I lived in Abington, but never visited the campus, my loss! These are beautiful, I really like the road shot.

My son is off to West Chester in Sept. I better stock up on photo equipment before the first tuition payment is due!

Jama said...

The campus looks so lovely in the night light, a great take on this week's theme of using the snow and night.

James said...

It looks like a very nice campus. I like the night time black and white shots.

GingerV said...

these photos are great. I went through thinking I like this one best - I like that one best. then had to leave for dinner, ate, came back and went back through so I could write this comment and thought, jeeze they are all good.

Kerry said...

Your daughter is in a beautiful place from the looks of it. And you photographed it at NIGHT! Genius. I like the 2nd and 3 rd pics because of the way the lights shine, and the road winds. And I like the white sculpture too.

Sarah Sullivan said...

Wow hon...these are just stunning shots! I so love pics at night and you have captured them with such skill!! That is a gift to get a great night shot!! Beautiful work, Sarah

shabby girl said...

It's funny, I started worrying about you being out there alone at night!
Would love to see all the same pics in early summer!

Unknown said...

that is a beautiful campus. love the first shot. the lights just pop right out at you.

~JarieLyn~ said...

I agree that this is a very pretty campus and it doesn't hurt having a photographer like you taking the pictures. :). Your photos are amazing as always. I really like the third and last photos best but all are very pleasing.

Your daughter sounds very smart. I hope she likes her major.

A Scattering said...

Beautiful campus and amazing shots - my fave is the fourth one. Have a great week!

In the eye of the beholder said...

I love the night time Pictures. awesome!