Sunday, February 20, 2011

Winterfest, Jim Thorpe, PA

Jim Thorpe has absolutely nothing to do
with the town in Pennsylvania bearing his name.
The officials of Mauch Chunk,
or 'Bear Mountain' in the language of the Lenape people,
purchased the name from Jim Thorpe's wife after his death
in an effort to up tourism in the town.

This Victorian era small town is certainly picturesque.
Surrounded by small mountains
and beautiful structures,
it makes a nice day trip from Philly.

The Winterfest activity is primarily focused on the Mug Walk.
An ingenious marketing idea that gets you into
every participating store in town.

You purchase your mug at the Visitor Center by the old railroad station.
By visiting the participating stores, 
you receive a little something for your mug:
Soup, chili, hot chocolate, crackers, cookies, popcorn, candy, etc.
not actually served in the mug though.

It is a great way to get reluctant husbands into the quaint shops
they would otherwise never wish to frequent.

In addition to the Mug walk
there was an industrious chain saw wood carver at work.

And a not as industrious ice carver.

Street musicians whose sounds echoed  up the street.

And a few other things taking place throughout the town.
I will be posting about the Civil War rein-actors
and a tour of Harry Packer's mansion
in the next couple of days.

For now, I'll enjoy some hot chocolate in my
new Jim Thorpe mug.  :)

To visit the town, there is plenty of parking at the railroad station
for a reasonable fee.
2 Lehigh Ave, Jim Thorpe, PA


Kathy said...

Looks like a place I'd like to visit. And I actually happen to know quite a bit about Jim Thorpe, but that's another story!

jabblog said...

The Mug Walk is a brilliant idea:-)
Jim Thorpe looks such a pretty place in beautiful surroundings.

Colleen said...

This looks like an amazing place. Such pretty buildings. I love that antique lunch box.

Kerry said...

How odd that they purchased his name from his widow.I hardly know anything about Jim Thorpe; I thought he was a track star but I am told he played football; now I'm confused! Anyway, mug day sounds so charming. In my town they have a downtown "Wine Walk" twice a year. You are given a wine glass for 10 dollars, and then you stroll from store to store,getting refills. Easy to get tipsy!
Anyway your photos make this look like a charming place to visit.