Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cherry Blossoms Philly Style

This is the first year I attended
Sakura Sunday at the
Philadelphia Cherry Blossom Festival
in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia.

One of the secrets
is to get there early!


After I arrived
I went directly to the 
Shofuso Japanese House and Garden 
and was able to catch an immediate tour.

Later in the day
lines for tours will be long 
and possibly even sold out.

Next I went right over to
the Tamagawa University Taiko Drum and Dance Group
and managed to get a front row seat!

This is truly the highlight of the event
and not to be missed.

Students from Tamagawa University
perform brilliantly
in both Taiko drumming and dance.

I wish I could capture the 
sound of the drums 
in these photos....

....or the choreography of the dance!

After their program
I meandered around catching
some of the other presentations.

Harajuku Fashion Show

Doshinkan Karate

Shokotan Karate

Shinshin Warrior

All of this perfectly timed
with spring blossoms
made for a gorgeous day. 

By arriving early,
two-three hours was enough to tour the Tea House
enjoy the Tamagawa University Taiko Drum and Dance
and see a few other demonstrations.

I stayed all day
but really didn't feel there was a need to 
as after seeing the 
Tamagawa University Taiko Drum and Dance
you've seen the highlight event.

In the future
you should know you can also catch the
Tamagawa University Taiko Drum and Dance
at other festivities around the city 
during the month the festival runs.
Many times without the crowds
and at no cost to you.

To see all my photos from the festival,


~JarieLyn~ said...

Rebecca, your pictures definitely convey that the drumming and dance were the main event. Love the drum photos.

Kathy said...

I really enjoyed attending this festival with you. The pictures are superb, as usual. I was lucky enough to see a Japanese drumming performance a few years back and it was indeed one of the most exciting performances I've attended. Would love to see this group someday.

jabblog said...

Lovely reminders of a special day out. I can imagine the drummers and dancers - thrilling!

Anonymous said...

I need to put this on my calendar for next year, I never knew Philly had this. Great photos!

forgetmenot said...

A full day of interesting, colorful, "fun" activities. And, of course, the spring blossoms make it all that much more beautiful. Lovely post. Mickie :)

Mersad said...

You have such a great eye for composition. Love the 10th shot a lot!

James said...

That looks like a really nice time! I always wanted to see one of those Japanese drum shows and I love Japanese gardens.