Saturday, May 14, 2011

9th St. Italian Market Festival, Philadelphia

Things were really hopping today at the 
Italian Market in Philadelphia!
They held their annual street festival.
It was advertised as an
"Epic Food Festival Alert"

so of course I could get my family to go along.

Once you find a place to park
make your way to the heart of the festival
on S. 9th Street.
We visit the deli's early before the long lines later. 
Then pack your food in a cooler in your car.

Next enjoy the sights on the street
because it will get crowded later.

The food will soon be too tempting to resist.
And the great thing about going with other people
is that you can buy just about one of every edible thing
and share it.

That way you get to taste everything 
without getting full.

And if you still haven't had enough....
or if you have never been to Philly,
then you MUST stop down the street at Pat's or Geno's 
for a real Philly style cheese steak.

Oh yes, 
it is worth the wait!
But the line moves faster than you think,
unless some tourist slows things down.  ;)

In Philly speak I order mine...
"One. Provolone. Without."
It's a Philly thing.
And you really should know it before you order.

All of my photos from this event are here.
This event takes place on Sunday as well.


Kathy said...

These are just great! You find the neatest things to attend on our behalf so we'll know all about them. Just wish I could have tasted those sandwiches!

Mersad said...

Great town shots! Love them.

Anonymous said...

This brings back some fond memories. Pat's will verbally abuse you if you don't order 'correctly'. "Cheeze wid" for me :-) I recall Gino's was more forgiving.

The Italian Market is a lot of fun. I went to college with one of the Esposito brothers so we did our weekly shopping at the market. We ate well for next to nothing, which is good, because we didn't have much money.

Kerry said...

Oh man, I really like places like this. Our daughter is dating a guy from an Italian-American family in Boston; she just met the family and they all went out to an Italian place for dinner. The waiter's name was Luigi, and they were there for 5 hours!