Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Vintage Baseball in Newtown, PA

In America we celebrated Memorial Day yesterday,
a day to remember those who served and sacrificed
for our country.

We tend celebrate all thing Americana too.
So of course, a vintage baseball game was in order.

The blue team is the home team,
 the Newtown Strakes.

The visiting team is in red,
they are the Flemington Neshanock. 

Here is a call for YOU to decide.
I will tell you how it was called after the photo.

My 'through the fence photo'
provides 21st century technological evidence...
not that they had anything like that in 1863! 
I guess the 'home team' won't want to see that shot,
 cause it was called an out.


Carletta said...

Hi Rebecca,
Love those old uniforms!
I called out - too bad the ref saw differently.

Unknown said...

i enjoyed this post--the photos especially. the 4th photo is an excellent action shot--love it!

Jim said...

Very patriotic at the (old) ball game, Rebecca.
A very nice post. Happy MidWeek Blues.
BTW, it doesn't link to MidWeek-Blues.

Unknown said...

I love Matty! So glad you could meet him : )

Matty said...

Rebecca, the pleasure was all mine. And it continues each time I see these great action shots. Mine pale in comparison.