Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lansdale Bike Night

I never saw so many motorcycles in one place!
The nearby town of Lansdale 
held its annual Bike Night
which benefits the Boy Scouts.
(Two thumbs up for that!)

I just learned about this event this year, 
probably because I am not in the 'biker crowd.'
Instead, my photo club went to it 
for a photo outing.

This event is HUGE! 
Main Street was closed for blocks 
and lined with bikes
of every make, style and era.

All the side streets were filled as well
as the public parking lot by the train station
as thousands converged into Lansdale
for the biggest bike event on the East coast!

We did experience a brief shower beforehand 
as you can see from the photos, 
but the rest of the night was dry and pleasant.

More of my Lansdale Bike Night photos are here.
You can view the Delaware Valley Photo Friends photos here.


Leovi said...

Delicious compositions. I really like the colors of the first and the magic of the reflections of others.

Anonymous said...

I was there with my youngest son; I pretty much go every year. I never think to photograph the people, which is a shame, because the people are more interesting than the bikes!!

Unknown said...

Cool! I know the bikers would love your pics:):)

Kathy said...

A wonderful event to get some great photos!

Dianne said...

I love your portrait of the biker
reminds me of Clarence Clemmons who I adored
bikers are often some of the best, kindest people around

Kmcblackburn said...

Not a biker chick either, BUT....I need to remember to look for this event next year because it looks like the possibilities for people watching and photos is tremendous. Love that second shot of yours in particular.