Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Pinnacle Hike via the Blue Blazed Trail

There is a classic small town in Berks Co., Pennsylvania named Hamburg
where you can find a hike to a mountain overlook
view of the beautiful countryside below.

The area is popular with day hikers 
but because it overlaps part of the Appalachian Trail 
you'll find serious through hikers as well.

Our choice was to reach The Pinnacle Side Trail
via the Blue Blazed Trail.

Near the start is the Hamburg Reservoir.

Hubby always takes the lead...always.

A Pinnacle Tradition...
stack your rock on the pile.

Our friend, and trail guide, Marty
checks out the Appalachian Trail Log.

Usually when we hike with Marty,
something exciting happens,
like when my husband fell in the waterfall.
Read that humorous account here.

But today's hike was uneventful.
How nice! 


Tina´s PicStory said...

beautiful pics! thanks for hosting :)

Unknown said...

Interesting trip, Rebecca. love the view in the first pic, as well as the still life in the 2nd one!

Kathy said...

What a spectacular place. What spectacular photos! The one of that lake is mighty pretty with that turquoise blue water.

Dianne said...

if I did get up there they'd have to send helicopter rescue! ;)

what a beautiful view!
and I love the add a rock tradition

Anonymous said...

I got to Hermy's BMW/Triumph in Hamburg all the time (great motorcycle shop), but I've never been to this area before. I may have to take a ride up there some day, thanks! Great photos!