Monday, March 5, 2012

Introducing Photographer Michelle Alton

Michelle says...

Oh gosh, I’ve been taking photos for as long as I can remember...
starting with the birth of my “little” brother in 1962.  

Chucky Mills by Michelle Alton 

I guess I was using one of the Kodak film cameras that were available cheaply 
and were popular way back then.  
So, I was the official chronicler of the life and times of the third-born child.  
Mom and Dad had kept a good photo record of their first two kids, 
but the novelty had worn off by the time poor little Michael arrived.

Forlorn Redux by Michelle Alton

It wasn’t until the last 20 years that my photography really became a passion.  
My first REAL camera was a Canon AE-1 Program 
and most of my photos were just plain awful. 
But there were enough decent ones to keep me interested.  
And when digital photography came along, I was on board immediately.  
There is no way to count or list the cameras I’ve gone through since then.   

Grunge Jazz by Michelle Alton

But what is really important, I believe, is NOT the camera 
(though it’s GREAT to have wonderful equipment), 
but the photographer’s LOVE of the art, 
his/her instinctive (or learned) “eye” for composition, 
and an innate sense of what makes a photo interesting.   
A key in the equation is the sheer 
LOVE of the art 
and the desire to keep growing and learning—forever!

 The Corral by Michelle Alton

Today my subjects are eclectic—
I’ll shoot anything that sparks my interest.  
My biggest joy comes from hearing the word “Wow” 
issuing from the lips of someone viewing one of my photos!  
Nothing can beat it!  

Deafening by Michelle Alton

I also enjoy dabbling in digital post-processing 
and am always willing to share my techniques with other photographers.

Laundry Day by Michelle Alton

You can see more of Michelle's work at her website,  
“Your Best Shot” ( )
and you might also enjoy the stories and photos in her blog, 
“Tales of Relentless Pursuit” ( ) 
which features stories, mostly by photographers—true, fiction, touching, humorous.  
She is always looking for new stories to post there.

Bridge Gull by Michelle Alton

Next week...a tutorial by Michelle on Landscape Photography,
Followed by a Competition on the tutorial's theme! 
Michelle will be the judge of the competition. 

Stay tuned!

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