Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Shofuso Japanese Tea House

In West Fairmount Park in Philadelphia 
is the Shofuso Japanese Tea House.  

The tea house was built in Japan in 1953
and in 1958 it was moved to it's current site in Philadelphia.
Surrounding it is a beautiful 17c style garden.
In season you can enjoy a Japanese Tea Ceremony here.


jabblog said...

How beautiful. What a lovely idea - I'm sure it's very peaceful there.

Sivinden said...

Looks like a peaceful place to have tea, and how nice to take a walk in such a beautiful garden. Your photograph is exquisite!

Ebie said...

Japanese Gardens are one of the places I find peace and serenity. This one is no exception. Beautiful landscape.

Though I have visited, but never had tea. I want to experience that.

Unknown said...

Love the Chinese and Japanese tea gardens! And this one looks a little like the one in Huntington Library Gardens in Pasadena!

Dianne said...

how amazing that it came here built
beautiful place

Wayne said...

I need to get there, it's really cool!