Friday, March 9, 2012

Welcoming Wellsboro

En route to Canada, 
we stopped in upstate Pennsylvania for a night. 
The town of Wellsboro did not disappoint.

(Well, it disappointed our 14yr old son 
who wanted a more modern adventure.) 

It is very quaint, 
with a resurgence thanks to the natural gas industry. 

I loved the charming, well maintained homes.  
I am a sucker for a cute house. 
And this one was for sale.
(To which the son said, 
"I am not living here.")

So we took a look!  Of course!

(And we said to the son, 
"We have no intention of having you live with us when we retire.")

And notice the natural gas lamps -
they line the streets!

(And the son said, "Good, can we go yet?")

Wellsboro has a lot of what we are looking for in retirement:
Natural beauty, non-urban, outdoor attractions, small town.

It is just a few years too soon to actually retire.
(A certain son will have college tuition in a few years.)

But I'm sure we'll return,
even if just to get a better look at that canyon!

(We will not bring the son when we return. 
Cause we were biking in that beautiful canyon 
and he refused to go any further,
even with his new bike.
That's why I call him, "Grumble-stiltskin.")


MizzKay said...

The houses look straight out of a film set, they are so perfect. I could quite happily cope with the second house it's beautiful.

Kathy said...

They eventually grow out of it, usually by about age 28!

Love the beauty of this little town. I'll bet houses are not cheap there though!

Kmcblackburn said...

Wow, how cool to live in a town with natural gas street lights! Very cool how you were quick on the draw to catch those deer crossing in front of you in the car..sure hope you weren't driving tho :). Wonder if PA will soon enact a "No Snapping" while driving law :)

Unknown said...

Of course our kiddos never agree with us when they are teens. But you are smart to be planning. I like the little one for sale too. PA is a beautiful state.

Scriptor Senex said...

I'm pleased Kathy said they grow out of it by 28. At 24 we were beginning to give up hope.... Sounds like you've only got 14 years to go, Rebecca.

Wayne said...

Question #1: 'Do they have Wifi?"

Bagman and Butler said...

I think Grumble-Stiltskin and Bagman have something in common. I think you should buy the house and retire early and let Grumble get a job. Brian was old enough to stay home with some periodic supervision from his grandmother when we went to Italy. We asked him if he wanted to go and he said, "Nah. I can see it on the Internet."

Linda (LB2556) said...

Great set Becky....looks like the perfect place to relax ! Would love to see more pictures of the town if you have some.

Pauline said...

Looks like the ideal place to live - or retire. Of course, you still live when you are retired. You know what I mean. Really like the first door with the cheerful wreath.

Kerry said...

Omigosh! I love those houses! But, yeah, not exactly a 14 year-old's cup of tea. Almost everything you like can be a tough sell at that point.

Jama said...

The houses are so gorgeous there and the view is simply stunning! I would love to retire at such place with so much natural beauty but I think I might get bored after a while cos I know deep inside , I'm a city girl. Perhaps just spend a few months there?

Jan n Jer said...

Love this little town...the natural gas lights are so quaint and so are the houses! I can relate to your son...we have the same age's all about ME ME ME! They do outgrow keep the faith!

GingerV said...

30 is the magic age of adulthood - but they need to move out way before that or they miss the oportunity to grow up by 30. (long distance supervision during their 20')
love the old homes, and the doors. these look like perfect retirement homes. you have to plan while working because by the time you retire you con't affort these homes.
hugs from Brasil

EG CameraGirl said...

The good new is your son will be a nicer person by the time you retire. :)) Wellsboro looks like a wonderful little town.

~JarieLyn~ said...

So quaint and beautiful. I love the house that's for sale. Great neighborhood, pretty street lamps, amazing views. What more could you ask for?

Oh, I noticed your new watermark/logo. Looks great. I like it much better than the other one.

Unknown said...

Thanks for taking us on your trip -I love the natural gaslamps!
No telling about kids -they're each so different!!

GardenOfDaisies said...

What an amazingly beautiful town!!! I want to live there too! If your son isn't living with you anymore, there is room for me. Let me know when you plan to move. ;-)