Tuesday, April 24, 2012

From Taxes to Murals in Philly

I am not a city girl...
no way-no how.
In fact, I really don't like Philadelphia at all.
This just happens to be where I live
because Center City Philadelphia
is where my husband works.

Thankfully, we don't actually
live within the city limits.
My kids are getting a more than decent education
in a suburban district. Yay!

And don't get me started on
City Wage Tax.
It is the large tax my husband gets to pay
for the privilege of working in the city.
The tax he gets to pay...
without getting any representation.
Yeah...Like I said,
"Don't get me started."

Or, the reason I don't buy anything in Philadelphia?
You have to pay an extra 2% sales tax.
No thank-you dear Philly, I'll leave the city for all my purchases.

Now that my crankiness is vented,
there are a few bright spots in the city;
if you look past all the trash lining the streets.

Philadelphia claims one of the largest collections
 of public art in the form of murals.
That's pretty cool.
At least it hides all the graffiti.

And then there is the history.
I love the history of Philadelphia.

And the history
brings me to the beautiful architecture!

But then,
that takes me right back to my rant.
Because many beautiful, vintage buildings
are sitting,
and burning.

It is a sad state for Philadelphia's history.
Right now,
there is local interest in saving
the beautiful Divine Lorraine.
But who knows,
it may end up like the
Buck Hosiery Building,
which recently cost two fire-fighters their lives.

Gee, I wasn't intending on being so grumpy today.


Anonymous said...

My sister-in-law visited Philadelphia not too long ago and she said many of the same things you said here. These murals are amazing thought! My post today is not exactly blue, but it has a blue hue to it. I hope that counts! Thanks for hosting!

Kathy said...

Yes, those are amazing murals, and despite its faults, I would still like someday to visit Philly.

Wayne said...

Sadly, I think all cities are suffering from this level of decay.

I grew up and live in the burbs, but I went to college in Philly, so I love it! I love your murals.

Unknown said...

The murals are bautiful! Don't worry, Rebecca, we all have our good and not so good days:)

Dianne said...

grumpy is OK, it makes the things we're grateful for more wonderful when the grump clears

I love the first mural most of all

I've always lived in urban areas
my town now is the closest to country I've ever been and trust me, it ain't no country :)

when I lived in NYC there was talk of bringing back the commuter tax and I was all gung-ho that it should be
after all they use our streets, our services, our police
now that I live in NJ and my son works in NYC I have reservations about that tax
I'm kinda ashamed of that
what really needs to happen is that the very wealthy need to go back to paying their fair share

oops, now I'm getting grumpy

I love visiting Phila.

EG CameraGirl said...

I haven't been to Ph1ldelphia for a long while but when I was there it was a handsome city. But I'm definitely a country girl.