Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Tour of Ambler

Hello Travelers! 
And welcome to Ambler, PA:
A small town in the suburban Philadelphia region.

What brings you to Amber? 
Perhaps your fascination for our old time theater 
in the Spanish Colonial style 
dating back to 1928.

Today, the theater operates as a non profit 
which has invested in the renovations to restore the building. 
(I love a happy ending.) 

Or maybe you are in search of our castle.

The castle today.

sits proudly in Ambler 
and has much to do with the history of the town. 

Sitting Room, 2nd Floor
2nd floor sitting room of the castle

Mr. Mattison, once the king of the castle, was a businessman 
who discovered asbestos 
and made quite a bit of money manufacturing it in Ambler.
It was a boon for the small town of Ambler.

The asbestos factory before recent renovations.

Nearby the castle is my favorite street in town,
Lindenwald Avenue.

It is lined with mini-castles
once inhabited by the executives for Keasby and Mattison.

Post card from Lindenwold Terrace 1915
An old post card of Lindenwald Ave.

I would settle for a castle carriage house
behind one of these mini-castles.

Carriage House on Lindenwald Ave.

A visit to the Ambler Train Station is in order too,
since Ambler was once called Wissahickon.

Now home of the Trax Cafe

Because of the valiant effort of Mary Ambler ,
who helped rescue and nurse survivors of the Great Train Wreck of 1856,
the town was renamed to Ambler in her honor after her death.

The new Ambler Train Station, 
where my husband gets a ride to work in Phila. everyday.

And you can't leave town without a little walk
through Ambler's best kept secret.

Hidden from view is a quiet path
that leads you along the Wissahickon Creek.
This trail is know as the Green Ribbon Trail, south.
When you need a quick mental escape from suburbia,
this trail does the trick.

So come give Ambler a visit.


Libby said...

What a GREAT tour! Feel as though I actually visited! I like how you opened with the license plate and movie sign. This is a crazy coincidence, but I have a castle in mine this week too! Likes like a peaceful, pretty place :)

Jama said...

I would love to walk around your town, it's so beautiful and definitely no as crowd as my urban little island.

Kmcblackburn said...

I love Ambler.

Wayne said...

I fondly remember the 5 years I lived there. I wouldn't hesitate to move back because they've only made it better!

Unknown said...

Your shots are perfect,of course, but the subject is so interesting. I would love to visit there. The only time I was in PA was to visit the site of the 9/11 crash. Shanksville I think the name was.

Pauline said...

You've got me wondering how many castle there could be in the States?! Mind you, I know of one in NZ so they do pop up in unlikely places. I love your castle shot sitting proudly in the middle of the image. It shouts "look at me!" I love how it contrasts to the carriage house, peeking shyly out from behind the tree as if it knows its place. Wonderful shoot out as always, Rebecca.

DawnTreader said...

Looks like a place I'd love to visit!

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

I am not searching for the castle but for the handsome prince who lives in it.

Deborah said...

Beautiful!! Why I moved here.