Tuesday, July 17, 2012


The person who did this needs to relax a little!!

Baltimore, MD


Wayne said...

Really, isn't a boat for relaxing??

Anonymous said...

It's funny...my husband and I spend a lot of time on our boat. One day I found a fabulous print that showed two boats tied up on a dock...one had the rope just like you show here and the other had the rope all messed up and going every which way with the saying "Different Philosophies". We have it framed in our living room because it so says a story about our differing personalities...I am the one that you show here ;) Great photo!!!

Kathy said...

I have a feeling this is the way this person does relax!

Dianne said...

it does make for a great shot
maybe they do staging and styling for magazines

Jim said...

I love this Rebecca! :) It sure does make one think about the type of person who would take pains to make it looks so wonderful.

My guess is that the person was in the Navy at one time and learned the 'propper way' to coil a rope. There must be some advantage to it, one for sure it won't be tangled up.

Happy MidWeek Blues,