Sunday, September 30, 2012

Upper Dublin Community Day

Every other year,
our township has a large Community Day.

My husband as the burglar. 

We have lived in Upper Dublin since 1991
and this is the FIRST one we have gone too.
I have no idea why it took us so long.

? I didn't ask. 

We had a great time,

bumping in to many friends and former neighbors.
Actually, that was the BEST part.

My son's best buddy since kindergarten. 
He was manning the high school ice hockey booth.

It was like a big Upper Dublin Community Reunion.

 Folks from the church we attend teaching kids to shoot guns. 
Sorry, I just couldn't resist.  Really, it was just a game.

We were pleasantly surprised with all of the participants 
offering information, presentations, and samples.
It makes me think, 
we really should have attended these when the kids were little. 

 Hawk demo from a local Hawking Club.

 But we were probably too busy with diapers and soccer games to think about it.

 Another of my son's buddies.

And I probably pictured more of a carnival than 
a real community day. 
Kids + Carnivals = Headaches

Folks from the Indian community parade in traditional dress. 

Our community has a rich cultural heritage. 
(We always joke that back to school night is like going 
to a United Nations Meeting of some sort.)

 I really appreciate our community. 
Like many, it has its faults, 
but Upper Dublin really has been a great place to live. 
I think I will have to be sure to attend the 
2014 Community Day. 
After that, we may be moving on out...
the kids will all be out of school. 
It will be time for a new adventure. 


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! I love your blog and just became a new follower! Maybe you could return the favor? Hop on over to:, read it, and follow me if you like it! That'd be AMAZING!


Kerry said...

Upper Dublin has an Indian community? How cool is that. I hope you have a good Indian restaurant in town!

These are great, a nice glimpse of your town. And I love that hawk.

Out on the prairie said...

The town of 5K where I live is rich in tradition.We just survived a Homecoming Reunion.

Anonymous said...

That was so much fun! I enjoyed participating via your photos ;) the sunflower lady.

EG CameraGirl said...

Community day sounds like a terrific idea!