Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Will You Pick Me?

After having lunch with a photographer friend, 
we went across the street to visit the SPCA 
(Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.) 

(Good news...she was adopted!)

All these photos had to be taken through the fencing. 
But you can still see the adorable little faces.

It was really as if they were saying, "Pick me, pick me."

Sad that so many beautiful animals were turned into the SPCA to begin with. 
But happily, there were people there looking for their next forever friend.

 I felt sorry for the older animals. 
I know they have less of a chance of finding a new home. 

Below is an older gal, 
but my goodness, you could feel the love! 
She came up to us and just purred and purred. 

There were soooo many cats!

 Beautiful cats. 

It was kind of funny that the birds were kept 
in the same room with the cats! 
Hopefully, everyone behaves. 

 Well, I can't adopt another animal just yet. 
I just stopped in to say, "Hello."

Please don't purchase an animal. 
If you can, adopt instead. 
 That way your money doesn't go to breeders for creating more animals 
when so many are waiting for homes. 
(I won't even buy pet supplies from stores that sell animals.) 

Have your pet spayed or neutered.  
And keep them to love forever. 


EG CameraGirl said...

The animals do seem to be pleading with you to [;ease take them home. How sad.

Wayne said...

With those sad eyes, how could you resist?

Kmcblackburn said...

I am so NOT a cat person, but I have to say your photos of these lovelies makes me feel kinda guilty about that. My daughter just adopted an abandoned dog, 9 months old. That pup is just FULL of love to give :)

Anonymous said...

You are breaking my heart with these furry babies looking at the screen!! It is so sad...that people leave their pets...I just don't understand!! Thanks for the linky party.
Laurie @ Pride in Photos

Alicia said...

Such beautiful, sweet animals. Thanks for spreading such an important message!

Jim said...

Pick me, please pick me!!! Rebecca, I do believe that is what they are asking you to do.

Our Adi (beagle dog) went to Doggie Heaven last week. Here is her obit:
Adi was a very good dog (link)

joanne said...

Tears are streaming down my face...I cannot deal with the fact that these innocent, beautiful gifts from god can be without loving homes...they are not trash to be dumped when someone is no longer willing to care for them...I hate going to shelters, but always do when it's time for a new pet...

Out on the prairie said...

Sad to see a pet without a home. I had a friend who did Santa pics at a shelter.The fun thing was he was a mailman, often pestered with pets.Our shelter was offering free cats they were so overpowered.