Friday, December 7, 2012

Cookies for Santa

I love a creative family. 
And I love a chance to be creative with a photo shoot. 
Combine the two...and you get Cookies for Santa.

How much fun is this? 
Like a little elf peeking in the window, 
I was able to capture a family making Christmas cookies.

No posing...just real life unfolding. 
For years images like these will bring heart warming memories. 
Precious moments of "Do you remember when..."

And lucky me, I get to share in those memories too. 

And the cookies, well they were delicious too. 
Just ask Daddy, the taste tester.

In these photos I am trying out two new Lightroom presets 
from Isabella LeFrance Photography:
Vintage Mist and Silent Night 
I am not sure I like the skin tones from Vintage Mist. 
The blog templates are from Chasing Dreams Photography. 

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