Sunday, March 3, 2013

Happy Anniversary to Friday My Town Shoot Out

Happy Anniversary to Friday My Town Shoot Out
FMTSO is a linky blog that I participate in. 
It was started 4 years ago...
and while the founders have moved on to other things, 
running FMTSO
continues through volunteers. 

Barry Edward Fraser April 3, 1943 to July 20, 2010

We joyfully rang bells for Barry when he finished his chemo treatment. 
We were saddened at his passing. 

I love the people associated with FMTSO. 
Of all the linkys I have participated in, 
this is the most friendly people, 
down to earth, 
and committed to visiting and commenting.  

One of my first blogging friends...
We still visit and comment.  

Mark, was a regular contributor 
wo kept us all laughing with his humor. 
He occasionally drops by...
but grandkiddies are filling his days now. 

People have come and gone, 
the blog goes on...
but I still value each one I have met through this venue.


Kerry said...

Me too, Rebecca. That is where I met you! I still miss Barry. He was the person who introduced me to the group. Oh gosh, I should have been paying attention this week. I should have posted.

~JarieLyn~ said...

What a delightful post to see my picture among Barry's. I think you are one of the first people I felt an connection to as well and I have learned so much from you and have been greatly inspired by your photography and your passion for it.

This truly is the best group as far as I'm concerned.

Jama said...

I always look forward to Mark's entry, he's funny and witty! Hope he'll find his way to FMTSO, occasionally.

Pauline said...

You got it, Rebecca. It may be a blog about our towns and photography but really it's about the people, isn't it? I think it's great that such a diverse group enjoy visiting and learning about each other.