Monday, April 8, 2013

Hiking and Railroads in Hamburg, PA

My husband has always loved being outdoors. 
And, on many occasions, so do I.  
Just not quite as often as he does. 

Mark in Murren, Switzerland

We have hiked mountains thru 
Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Colorado, Virginia,
New York, California, Pennsylvania, Germany, Austria, 
and the Swiss Alps. 
Our vacations are always planned around mountains. 

The Precipice, Acadia, Maine
Sadly, you will die if you fall. I lived to tell about it. 

His idea of hiking is getting to the top of the mountain as fast as possible. 
And even at his age, 
he is still as fit as when he was running track in college. 
So he gets up those mountains pretty fast. 

Hawk Mt, Pennsylvania via Skyline Trail 
I had a migraine and not enough water so 
I offered myself to a rattle snake, but it didn't bite. 

The rattle snake that refused me. 

I, on the other hand, 
always have a camera in hand 
and like to take my time 
enjoying the scenery on my way to the top. 
(And, I am not as fit as I was in college.) 

The Swiss Alps
That yellow speck is me...crying. 

Those times when he comes running back down to me, 
to tell me how much further away the top is...
and I am panting for breath...
Well, it is at those times that divorce crosses my mind. 
Now, when we plan a hike he asks if
I will be taking the divorce papers with me.

Wellsboro, PA 
He ran down a trail to this valley just to beat the posted time. 

I've pretty much given up trying to keep up with him anymore. 
In fact, I've found him some hiking friends 
and arrange hiking dates for him 
and then I go play with my camera.  

Mark, Marty and Chris

Recently, he and two friends hiked part of the Appalachian Trail 
near Hamburg, PA. 
I dropped them off and was to pick them up in 3 hrs 
at a predetermined location where the trail crosses a highway.  
I gleefully hurried off with the car and camera to have some fun on my own.

Exploring Lenhartsville, PA while they hiked.

About 2.5 hrs later, I get a call...
"We are no where near the meeting point."
 (I had a sense they had no idea where they were.) 
I let them know, in that case, 
I was going to tour a train museum about 15 mins from the meeting point.

Reading Railroad Heritage Museum, Hamburg, PA

Another 2 hrs later, 
I get a call, 
"We think we are near the train museum."

Reading Railroad Heritage Museum, Hamburg, PA

I walked outdoors and there they were. 
Crazy, exhausted hikers who had lost their trail 
walking up 3rd Street in Hamburg, PA. 

Reading Railroad Heritage Museum, Hamburg, PA

I am so glad I didn't join them on that hike 
or I would have filed those papers!

Reading Railroad Heritage Museum, Hamburg, PA


mail4rosey said...

LOL at your rattlesnake commentary. If I came across a rattle snake it would GIVE me a migraine. And you poor thing climbing with one, yee-ouch.

What beautiful pictures though, and it's wonderful that you and your husband share the same type of vacation preference!

This was a fun post to find!

Kim Cunningham said...

How wonderful that you can travel so much! That's kind of one of my dreams.

Tamar SB said...

I love hiking - you've taken some great hikes!!

Out on the prairie said...

I like to visit those mountains also when I go on vacation.The Loess Hills I live in can be a very steep hike.

Jeanne said...

LOVE your shots, and this reminds me of my husband and I hiking. Especially the one of you in the distance crying. LOL. Have you been to Glacier park in Montana! Definitely some awesome hiking there! I love it because the altitude is not quite as high, although you could never tell from the scenery!

Kerry said...

Laughing!!! Safety first!
We are a family of hikers, but thankfully John was never a college athlete and has slowed down to almost-my-speed. It is very discouraging to be left in the dust! With a rattlesnake!

Wayne said...

I just drove past the museum 29-Mar and didn't even know it, duh. Hamburg has some neat buildings, I need to explore it more. My favorite motorcycle store is on Rt 61 in Port Clinton, I'll be visiting them soon for a new bike checkup. I should take some extra time and check this place out.

Unknown said...

This post made me chuckle, because it sounds so familiar: hubby hikes and I paint, and I have learned to go off on my own and paint, rather than being bored all day:):.
Beautiful landscape!! and love the pic with the crossing signs:)

Christine E-E said...

ohhh... I can relate to your hiking experience. My hubs runs & I walk - we seem to meet at the top of the hiking path, but I still feel bad that he has to wait on me. I've been tucking my i-Phone in the waist band of my pants so I can capture some pics.

packmom said...

Wonderful shots and great narrative. You've hiked is so many fabulous places.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photography and great place ~ 'keep on truckin' ~ We all go through life or hiking at our 'own pace' ~ You are doing a great job! ^_^

EG CameraGirl said...

You are so smart to have found your husband some hiking friends. :)) I used to climb mountains and found coming down very, VERY hard on my knees. I'm much happier with my camera. :)

EMily said...

Oh the places you'll go, or maybe the places they'll go :)

Sarah Huizenga said...

Your husband sounds like mine. We are going to Glacier National Park this summer and he is in charge of excursions while we are there. He wants to climb a mountain every day. I just want to take pictures. And go on some ranger led hikes so I can learn new things. It should be an interesting vacation :) Visiting from Walk and Click Wednesday.

Lissa Forbes said...

What a great story, Rebecca ... and your captures enhance the experience. I love the perspective of the "rock ladder" and also the train museum. Good for you that you found an enjoyable detour. Thanks for sharing on Walk and Click Wednesday!