Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fall Days are Supposed to be Sunny Days

...aren't they?

Autumn Splendor
Somewhere between Berks and Chester Counties, PA

It seems the warm fall colors
play beautifully against the cool blues sky.
So why then,
on my fall excursions,
are the skies always grey.
[Pouty Face]

So I made a Lightroom 5 Preset
for cloudy fall days,
because I am getting tired of
trying to add a little sunshine to each image.

Here are a few before/after samples
of what I call Autumn Splendor.

If you like the preset I will share it with you. 
I only tested it in LR5 on cloudy landscape images 
where I wanted warm colors to pop. 
I do adjust the Whites and Shadows sliders to taste on each image.

If you want blue sky, 
well, you're going to have to add that yourself. 

Click here for the free download.
(It will likely work in LR4 as well.) 
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