Monday, October 28, 2013

Is There a World Record for Yellow Cards?

Hello, Yellow Cards.
I think the ref at my son's soccer game was going for some kind of record.

#36 He's My Guy 

He issued yellow cards like Halloween candy to trick-or-treaters.

Eyes on the Ball

There were more yellow cards in this game
 than I've seen in an entire season...
maybe in all my son's seasons combined.

Go Ahead Grab Me...It Just Makes Me Play Harder

The funny thing is,
not to be left out,
my son was carded too.

I Own This Ball Dude

We were stumped as to why.
After the game we asked him...

The Steal

After his team scored,
he went for the ball to bring it back to center field.
He was carded for "Delay of Game."
Go Figure.

Hey, Watch This 

Giving the ref some slack,
the white team was playing pretty rough,
and I do credit him for trying to keep things under control.
But so many cards....?

Lovin' The Shoulder to the Chest

After the game,
#36 said, "Boy, that game was fun."

How Many A's in Your Name?

I am sure the ref
had fun playing with his yellow cards too.

Final Score: 1-1
Standing 4th in the League

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MadSnapper said...

i am not familiar with the game so not sure what the yellow card is, but i assume it is like the referee a flag on something they did that was against the rules. I am familar with your photography and your excellent skills are showing here, these are fantastic. and the concentration on you son's face in the first two is priceless... you grabbed those memories and set them in time.

Suburban Girl said...

A yellow card is like a warning for doing something wrong. If a player gets two yellow cards it equals one red card. A red card means you are ejected from the game and cannot be substituted, so your team plays with one less player on the field.

Kerry said...

Oh my gosh I do miss the days of watching our kids play soccer. But those games where a lot of cards were issued were frustrating; you managed to capture a couple of very clear infractions here though! I love how your son's take was that it was a really fun game. :-)

When we lived in Alabama 2 of our kids got their reffing credentials & were paid $10 a game to ref little kids' matches. It always made me nervous when they reffed.

deborah said...

Love all the action photos!

I've started a Memoir Monday link up if you want to come by and link up the memories we make each week or any other memory posts you have!

Wayne said...

I love the action photos, you feel like you are absorbed into the game. The intensity on your sons face is revealed in the photos.

Do you have a graduated ND filter? (I've had one on my list for some time) I think it would cut some of the light from the sky.

Out on the prairie said...

A tough game it sounds, great action shots. It is hard on a parent , I used to have a hard time breathing when my daughter was up to bat.

Tamar SB said...

These are awesome! Love the action shots!!

Adrienne said...

That's crazy. One of the things that drove me a bit crazy over the years, was how seemingly subjective some of the reffing could be. I guess that's true in all sports. There were a few games in my memory (and one collegiate team in particular) that needed refs...and RED cards. So I'm glad they were there to do their job...even though I never understood half of what they did!

Alicia said...

I was going to ask what a yellow card meant, but I read your explanation above. So once they are red-carded is there a time limit and then they can come back in the game or they are out the whole game?

These are excellent action shots!

Nancy said...

Remembering when my son played soccer, it sounds like this must have been a rough game with all the yellow cards.....Your son is handsome and looks like quiet the soccer player...You really captured some great action shots....

packmom said...

Great action shots. They have yellow cards in water polo too but the are for the coaches and fans! The players get kick outs during shot clock times instead--3 kick outs and your benched for the game. Our coach gets a lot of yellow and even some red cards because he's too passionate about the game. LOL!

Debbie said...

I LOVE soccer, love it!! Both my boys played for years, we traveled far and wide!! Your pictures are fantastic!!

DawnTreader said...

Excellent photos, but I've never been interested in sports, and know nothing about the rules. Not even sure what a yellow card is... :)

Kmcblackburn said...

Maybe all the yellow card frenzy was the ref's Halloween "trick".

Mersad said...

Powerful captures with lots of energy. Was it hard getting the shutter speed right?

Mersad Donko Photography

Suburban Girl said...

The shutter speed isn't too hard for me at this point. He has been playing soccer a long time so I have lots of practice. But on this past Saturday's game, I forgot to make adjustments from a photo shoot I had just done and I have some motion blur on the ball. That is the hardest part...remembering to readjust settings.

genie said...

You did one super job of shooting action shot and catching the grimaces on the players’ faces. Loved the commentary, too. It added so much. What a fun post. Thanks so much for your visit. genie

Mersad said...

I sometimes find myself making that same mistake. I set everything up, plan carefully, only to release the shutter and notice that I haven't reset :)

Unknown said...
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