Saturday, October 12, 2013

October Fright

October Fright 
Evansburg, PA

I did something not-so-smart to get this photo.
Keep in mind,
I don't usually spook easily.

I wanted to see an 8 arch bridge.
I parked my car in an empty state park lot
and walked down a wooded path alone.
(My husband warns be about going places like this all by my lonesome.
I should listen.)
As I was walking back to the car,
a man was walking towards me.
No problem.

After we passed each other I looked to make sure he was still walking,
but he turned around and looked at me too.
Crap, I thought.

It happened again,
$#!+, I thought.

Then he turned around and started following me.
Double $#!+, I thought.

Oh, of course I left the cell phone in the car.
So I was wondering how I could best us my heavy 5D II as a weapon.

I found an opening in the woods that was next to a busy road.
So I stopped and pretended to look for a photo
because I really didn't want him to walk behind me.
I thought, if there was a scuffle, someone from the road might see it.
I couldn't actually get to the road though,
or I would have.

I made eye contact as he passed.
Somewhere I read you are supposed to do that.
So I did.

He walked on ahead.
He kept turning around though
and that spooked me big time.
I waited a little and
holding my key in hand
as a gouging weapon,
made my way to the car.

I snapped some photos of him from behind
just in case my camera card was found by
whoever would investigate my disappearance.

He went left at the lot,
my car was right.
I approached carefully
just in case.

Thankfully, he
was by his car.
I hopped in mine and locked the door.
He drove off to the right
and I drove off to the left.

That was my October Fright.
Oh, and a certain husband
doesn't need to know anything about this.

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