Monday, December 23, 2013

Breakfast at the Terminal

Upper Dublin Gets Fast Start 

A trip to the Reading Terminal Market
in Center City, Phila...
only to read about the hometown basketball team
on a stranger's newspaper.

Breakfast and the News

I was surprised at how many people
breakfasted there with their newspapers.

Bottle Lights at the Cheese Shop

By the time we parked,
I was mostly interested in getting into the market
for warmth .... and also meeting up with the fam.

The Ice Cream Counter

No breakfast or news for us.
We had the town to do.
And nothing slows down engineer-husband...
except me.

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MadSnapper said...

and i know why he is slowed down, all that clicking going on... You are so extremely talented in taking the every day ordinary and making it special and beautiful. they are all fantastic, but i love the perspective of down the counter to the man with the paper, that one is my favorite.

Suburban Girl said...

You nailed it Sandra!

Molly said...

I LOVE this place... The Dutch breakfast is the best breakfast in the WORLD and have you tried the Turkey dinner? *sigh... I love reading Terminal Market


Out on the prairie said...

Think I want a whoopee and coffee for my breakfast here

Wayne said...

My mouth started watering at the Whoopie! Merry Christmas!

Mersad said...

Really great images filled with the atmosphere of the place.