Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Confession of a Label Lover

Have you ever purchased a wine
just because you liked the label?

Middle Sister, Rebel Red

I don't remember much about the wine,
but I remember the laughs we had with
my middle daughter while drinking it.

How about chocolate?
Have you purchased a chocolate
just because you like the label.
Guilty again. 

Butlers, Purveyors of Happiness 

Seriously, how can you resist
something from a 'purveyor of happiness?'
Cleary, it ensnared me.

Ghirardelli, Midnight Reverie

Midnight Reverie?
Count me in. 

A good label will get me everytime.
It's the dreamer in me they appeal to.
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MadSnapper said...

me thinks it is the ARTIST in you that draws you to the labels..

MadSnapper said...

oops forgot to say I love love love the clothes line header.

Out on the prairie said...

The chocolate might wake me in the night.

Mersad said...

Since I love design, I love labels too. Have never bought anything because of it, but still love to look at them while in the shop.

Nancy said...

You are a label makers delight....just what they dream of....making the labels so enticing you just have to buy.....I love the first wine label...being a middle girl I can relate......By the way, I like your new header...

DawnTreader said...

I suppose labels (and package) do influence our choices, probably more often than we are aware of.

Lisa Gordon said...

Guilty on many accounts (the wine)!!!
I LOVE the 86% Ghirardelli.
I actually tried the 92% last night. Nope. A bit much.

EG CameraGirl said...

The Middle Sister label is great, speaks to me and could indeed convince me to purchase a bottle. ;))

Sarah Huizenga said...

Oh yes very much so with the wine. I try to stay away from chocolate if possible. Book covers are the same way, I will sometimes read a book based on its cover.

Alicia said...

Those wine labels get me every time! I've never noticed chocolate bars since I don't really care that much for sweets...but now that I've seen you pair wine with chocolate I am really craving some! :)

Wayne said...

I like to buy Christmas wines with the theme. My neighbor has a 'westy' dog who is very jealous and I found a bottle of 'Jealous Bitch' with a Westy on the label!