Monday, February 10, 2014

The Long Winter

Snow Soldiers

The Good...
The electric has been restored in most of the area,
but I have a friend still without power.
Fortunately, she has a permanent generator
hardwired to her gas line.

Hydrangea Sleeps

The Random...
We don't have a gas line 
the gas company wanted $40,000 
to run a line 
from an intersecting street to our street.  
They can keep their gas. 

Waiting for the Spring Thaw

The Fun... 
More snow!
Dare I classify that as fun? 
Please don't throw snowballs at me!
At least it wasn't the possible mega-storm 
that would have happened if two potential storms had combined. 
We were lucky, 
the big moisture making storm went to sea. 

Next chance of snow: Wednesday. 
Now you can throw snowballs at me. 

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Tamar SB said...

These snow shots are gorgeous! Thanks for linking up!!

Kim Cunningham said...

Glad you have power because that is seriously no fun! The snow is still fun, I think...but we rarely get any. Except Wed this week we are in for something to be determined. Probably ice.

Wayne said...

If it's going to be cold, please give me the snow to go with it!! I was without power for 28 hours, but it wasn't too bad because I have a 'portable' generator that powers the important things like heat, the frige, and most importantly, WiFi.

Unknown said...

Hello from the other side of the state! Beautiful snow pictures! I'm pretty much over the snow though. Hoping for an early spring!

Alicia said...

I love the photo of the Hydrangea Sleeps! That looks just like a Cotton Boll! I can't believe all that snow!

MadSnapper said...

without the snow there would not be that wonderful photo of the plows buried and waiting for spring...

Out on the prairie said...

Nice sparkle in the last photo

Cindy said...

Rebecca, I took a road trip to Boonville today and everyone was talking about the snow on the way Wednesday. I got home and listened to the weather and there is 25c, of snow on the way, that is 10 inches, without any shovels, ploughs or snow removal. These two old fogies are just staying put in the RV until it melts.

Glad your power was restored. Can't imagine paying that either. I love the dried dead flowers left for mother naature and a perch for the feathered friends.

Anne Payne said...

Gorgeous snow pics! We are supposed to finally get some significant snowfall and I'm excited about being able to take photos of something that's NOT brown :) Praying we don't lose power and for those in areas that have, or will. That is never fun. Have a great week!