Monday, March 3, 2014

Let's Roll

Let's Roll 
USS Somerset, LPD 25
Philadelphia, PA

I come from a long line of people of the sea.
Maybe that is why I willingly stood in a long line
in the drizzly cold
to tour the newest US Naval Ship
the USS Somerset, LPD 25.

 A Moment of Silence 
USS Somerset, LPD 25
Philadelphia, PA

This ship is the last of 3
to be constructed in honor of the victims of 9/11.

Courage Through Adversity 
The hull of the ship contains 22 tons of steel from the crash site. 
USS Somerset, LPD 25
Philadelphia, PA

Each ship is named from the location
of one of the plane crashes on that day.
USS New York
USS Arlington
USS Somerset

What Lies Ahead? 
USS Somerset, LPD 25
Viewing Penn's Landing, Philadelphia, PA

Because United Airlines Flight 93 crashed in
Somerset County, PA.
Pennsylvania was host to the commissioning of this ship.
The USS Somerset will be stationed in San Diego.

New Ship, Old Ship 
Battleship New Jersey 
Philadelphia, PA 

My personal opinion is that no one should be in a leadership position
in this country without having first served the country they wish to lead.
Then maybe they wouldn't be so quick to slash the benefits
of those willing to put it all on the line for us.
Yeah, I am a little sensitive about all the military slashing going on in Washington.

United Airlines Flight 93
USS Somerset, LPD 25
Philadelphia, PA

With thanks and gratitude to all who have served
and currently serve our country.

My relations include:
John Giberson (Soldier, US Revolutionary War)
Frederich Leibrick (Great Grandfather, Cavalry, US Civil War)
James M. Welch (Great Grandfather, Soldier, US Civil War)
Milnor W. Newcomb (Grandfather, Sailor, World War I)
Charles Wrigley (Grandfather, World War I)
Rowland M. Newcomb (Father, Sailor, World War II)
Erich F. Haegele (Father-in-Law, Sailor, Catapult Crew, Korean War)
Stephen R. Newcomb (Brother, Commander, US Navy)
Stephen G. Lloyd (Son-in-Law, FC3, US Navy)

"The courage and heroism of the people aboard the flight will never be forgotten 
and USS Somerset will leave a legacy that will never be forgotten 
by those wishing to do harm to this country."
Gordon R. EnglandSecretary of the Navy 

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Tamar SB said...

I had no idea about these new ships! You're military legacy goes so far back!! Thank you to your family for serving our country.

Stephanie said...

I too get angry about the military budget slashing especially since so many gov't office workers got raises. Your family's history of service is very impressive. We owe them much. My dad served on the Enterprise in the Pacific during WWII.

Sarah Huizenga said...

What an honor and privilege to view this ship. I totally agree with you about the leader of the country needing to serve the country first.

MadSnapper said...

thanks for all this information. I did not know about these ships and it is a beautiful tribute. i don't come from a military family but i worry about the cuts because once we make our military smaller and smaller the more vulnerable we are.

Out on the prairie said...

Never saw a new one, very neat

Helen said...

I would never have known about these ships had I not seen your beautiful photos - very moving indeed. I recall a ship my dad photographed now being in dock in Philadelphia - the SS United States. Thanks so much for linking to my Weekend Walks - as always an interesting post!

Unknown said...

Very interesting! I, too, have a military past. My father was drafted near the end of WWII and was training to go to the Pacific when the war ended. He found himself instead stationed in Occupation Germany. I haven't checked for the Revolutionary history, but on my mother's side, there were four great-great-great-uncles who fought for the Confederate forces. Three were wounded and/or killed at Gettysburg. The fourth came home and founded a Lutheran church in his home.

Nicki said...

You have some fabulous shots and an amazing lineage in the military. Thank you.

Viera said...

Very interesting blog ...I've never seen such a big ship... Thanks for sharing...

Beautiful photos...

Anonymous said...

Ah, then I can visit the one stationed in San Diego (we come there several times a year since it's only 1 1/2 hrs. away). Thanks for the interesting info!