Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thirst No More


Mill Race
Hopewell Furnace, Berks Co., PA

So easily taken for granted
by those who simply turn a faucet to quench their thirst.

Creaking and Groaning
Hopewell Furnace, Berks Co., PA

So precious and valued by those
who walk miles in parched lands to collect it.

Hopewell Dam
Hopewell Furnace, Berks Co., PA

So longed for by those in years of drought.

French Creek
Berks Co., PA

Yet cursed by those in floods.

French Creek State Park, PA

Both a blessing and a curse.

Bridge Over Troubled Water
Berks Co., PA


St Peter's Quarry

Thirst No More

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MadSnapper said...

so true about the blessing and a curse... as most things are.... Mill race and the damn are my number1 and 2 pickstoday

Tamar SB said...

So so true. Gorgeous, as always.

Out on the prairie said...

Lovely water shots, you found some great places to visit.

Lisa Gordon said...

This is a really beautiful series, Rebecca.

Kim Cunningham said...

Awesome sluice and mill! They are so fun to photograph! You did a wonderful job getting smooth water in the image!

Alicia said...

Great pictures and a great reminder to not take things for granted. There was a lot of talk this morning about saving water and the fact that the small town I live has one of the highest percentages in un-metered water use in Kern Co., so I'm thinking metered water is in our future. Both a blessing and a curse as well!

Anonymous said...

Mill race and damn. Yes.indeed.

James said...

Nice shots!

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

when I was growing up, both sets of grandparents didn't have piped water. We swam in the river, and then carry a small bucket of water back to the house. Then my maternal grandpa had a pump. What bliss.

Sarah Siwicki said...

Wow, you have quite the repertoire of water pictures to choose from! Love the images of the mill, and the contemplation photo.

Unknown said...

I am so jealous <3 Awesome pics!

Kerry said...

Terrific set of pics, Rebecca. Each one shows a unique aspect of water, and it's all beautiful. Water is a precious resource.

Unknown said...

Great shots Rebecca. Love that last one. We have had more than our share in Ky. Wish we could potion it out to other areas.

Party of 5 said...

Oh I just love this. LOVE IT! The photos, words and theme go perfectly.

Barb said...

Lovely milky water in some of those shots. Just beautiful.

Unknown said...

love the third shot and French creek. wonderful!!

GingerV said...

Great combination of photos, and the poetry of the words. Enjoyed my visit.