Monday, September 8, 2014

Earth After Humanity
This makes me think of earth reclaimed. 

I just happened upon the works of
sculptor Steve Tobin
as I ventured around Quakertown, PA.
This makes me think of walking tree roots. 

Driving though and industrial area,
these sculptures surrounded me
making me feel like I was in a Sci Fi movie.
This makes me think of all of our useless spoken words.

I found their source,
Steve Tobin's Gallery.
I was given permission to wander and take photos.
Tobin's Gallery in Quakertown, PA.

As I walked the grounds,
I didn't know what the artist intended
to convey with his work.
But to me,
I felt like I was seeing earth after all humanity was gone.
This didn't bring anything to mind, 
but I like it.
This makes me think of 
people frozen in time. 

I came home and read about Steve Tobin. 
It figures, I have a world renowned 
artist working in my backyard 
and I knew nothing of him.

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Tamar SB said...

Wow!! These are some of the most amazing sculptures! Thanks for linking up and sharing them with us!

James said...

Cool stuff!

Wayne said...

I've never heard of him either, but I like his artwork!

Alicia said...

Those are really amazing works of art. I love your interpretation of them, especially the one with all the letters being all our useless spoken words.

Ida said...

Oh my gosh these are so interesting and unique. How cool to learn about a new artist and see his work. Thank you for sharing your find. I loved the tree one.

Sarah Huizenga said...

What an awesome find in your own backyard. I love the letters, interesting work that he does.

Leesha said...

How interesting looking! Great subjects to photography for sure!

Leesha said...

errrr *photograph..sheesh I need to read what I type!

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

Wow! Definitely surreal! I do like the spheres with the trees growing out of them! How cool to have this artist so close by. xo Karen

Adrienne said...

Fantastic! I love discovering new things that have been close by! Tree roots fascinate me - so I love that! And your interpretation of "useless words" Thanks so much for linking up!