Monday, October 6, 2014

First Impressions of Two Cities
King Neptune 
Virginia Beach, VA

First Impressions of Virginia Beach, VA 
no zoning
No Parking 
rude drivers
traffic jams
No Parking 
concrete 'boardwalk'
No Parking 
No Parking 
fee only pier
No Parking 
The Moat
Ft. Monroe, Hampton, VA 

First Impressions of Hampton, VA 
free parking
water views
tunnel traffic
Ft. Monroe

So which would you choose?

We happily discovered Hampton,
even though we had to wait for an accident to clear
by the tunnel.
It was worth the wait.
My Engineer on
Engineer Warf, Hampton, VA
Hampton, VA
Old Point Comfort Lighthouse 
Hampton, VA
Outdoor Seating 
Paradise Ocean Club, Fort Monroe, VA
Looking toward the Chesapeake Bay 
Fort Monroe, VA 

If I lived in Hampton
I would spend a lot of time at Fort Monroe.
I loved the place.
There is more in Hampton to see,
but we only allowed one day
and spent most of it engaged at the Fort.

The Fort Monroe Authority
has been transitioning Ft. Monroe
from a military base
to a public economically-viable community
since 2011.

My Fort Monroe Photo Gallery

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Tamar SB said...

Hampton sounds like my cup of tea!

Mersad said...

Amazing cityscapes and landscapes. You really capture the scenes well during daylight. I like the HDR image, as well as the beach ones. Of course the lighthouse is my favorite!

Mersad Donko Photography

Ida said...

King Nepture is pretty cool looking but it would be frustrating not being able to find parking spaces.
Loved the the lighthouse shot and the building there look very historical and quite lovely.

Wayne said...

Is the lens on the light house red? That must look pretty cool.