Thursday, October 2, 2014

In the Navy
Teacher Girl

Teacher Girl married Sailor Boy
They moved from sea to sea.
Sailor Boy

Sailor Boy, he has been schooled
 In weapons mastery.
Sailor Boy's Explains His Specialty: The CIWS

Deployments canceled, budget cuts
USS Kaufmann FFG 59

Will they move, will they stay
We're all wondering
Me, Soccer Boy, Teacher Girl

"Come on be bold and make a stand
In the navy"
One year until this old frigate is decommissioned. 

 My album of USS Kauffmann FFG 59 images
where you can see me in that hatch too.


Kerry said...

I like seeing you and your family here! The uncertainty of the military life is kinda tough, isn't it? But I'm so glad everybody is healthy and happy.

Tamar SB said...

Nice to see your family!

Molly said...

Lovely pictures of your family


James said...

Okay now I feel old. That "old frigate" was commissioned the year after I joined the navy. If this ship has a website I bet they would like to use your photos.

Ida said...

Such a nice looking family and it's neat to see ships like that. I had a brother in the Navy and a "former" fiance' and got to visit the ship he was on. They are so huge.

MadSnapper said...

glad you included that last photo of all three of you... i would not fit through that hatch, but then i don't do boats so the navy will have to do without me. LOL...