Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Our Peacock Themed Christmas

It's been a lot of work,
but we finally have the house decorated for Christmas.

The Tree: blue, teal, purple and peacocks! 

I decided to up our game this year and go all out.

The Banister 

Being a lover of cooler colors,
I opted for a peacock theme this year.
Such pretty colors they are.
Don't you agree?


I couldn't help myself,
I set the table already.
I just had to see how it would turn out.

Peacock Plates  

My husband thinks 
I've gone a bit overboard.  
Who? Me?  

The Mantle 

But it has been so much fun.  

Ready for Christmas Dinner 

Don't you just love it?
It is so  festive.
I think I will tweak it to make it work for Easter too.  

Details Over the Table 

Can you believe this? 
Well, if not it is because I am pulling your leg. 
This is not my lovely home - 
but a room in Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, PA

But a girl can dream....

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MadSnapper said...

I believed you all the way through until the last shot of the table and i thought WHAT? that table is way to big for a house... loved all of it though. that banister is stunning and the colors are fantastic. i would like this in my house if someone did it for me

carol l mckenna said...

Beautiful and creative Xmas decor and great photos ~

Happy Holidays to you,
artmusedog and carol

cedarmerefarm said...

Haha, you fooled me!!! All along, I thought "wow, Rebecca is REALLY into Christmas!" Wouldn't it be fun to work there and help decorate that beautiful place? Merry Christmas Rebecca.

Sarah Huizenga said...

Yeah but you can take the photos and not have to do all the work. Love the peacock theme and all the beautiful colors.

Tamar SB said...

Gorgeous!! I love Longwood and would love to see it at this time of year!

Jill Harrison said...

gosh! I nearly exclaimed "you've got a tree over your table"! but you saved me just in time. However, beautiful the other half live!
Have a lovely lead up to Christmas decorating YOUR house. I am joining you over at Wednesday Around the World.

Mitzi said...

Wow...such beautiful images! I have to admit...I could totally see doing that tree decor above the table! What an awesome idea!

AngieOuellette-Tower said...

Very cool!! I love the peacock colors! I found your lovely blog on Thursday Favorite Things.

Meri said...

The colors are scrumptious! And I hadn't planned to put up a tree (it's marooned in the back of the garage with all the excess furniture from my downsizing to a much smaller house six weeks ago), but you're making me reevaluate.

Wayne said...

You had me until the peacock plates. I'm heading there Monday

Kerry said...

You totally had me. I was about to ask how you had time to scissor all those paper feathers, and then...;-D. How beautiful, though! Peacock colors are sensational.

EricaSta said...

It's very elegant and it's not commonplace ... Wonderful!
Cheers, Heidrun

Nicki said...

Love the peacock blue - we decorated the office tree in that color this year - and there is nothing wrong with a girl dreaming.

Anonymous said...

Wow, wow, wow! I usually like natural colors but this is fantastic. Well done.

Buckeroomama said...

I do love the peacock colors; definitely loving the greens and blues and purples!

aspiritofsimplicity said...

I was wondering who would be doing the cooking for the crowd around that beautiful dining room table? I like my christmas a bit simpler...but it is nice to look at what the other folk do.

Pieni Lintu said...

Lovely colors!

Sylvia said...

Such lovely Christmas decoration ... the table setting is just gorgeous !
Happy Holidays,

Dotti said...

Longwood Gardens is a most amazing place but I've never been there at Christmas. We're going to Biltmore at Christmas this year but I doubt I'll be allowed to take photos. You did a super job on these. It's not easy to get good photos in a public place. Merry Christmas!

sarah said...

So pretty!

Susan W said...

All I could think of though the series of photos, was holy, moly, she is so talented. How beautiful would that be in a house. When I saw all the chairs at the table I immediately changed my thoughts to "cooking for how many people?". But seriously, you've done the decorating justice with your photos.

Kim Cunningham said...

This is so unique and I love it! Very creative take that I would have never dreamed up.

miss-red-fox said...

Wow, THAT is a really great Christmas table! And we can dream, that's true! ;-)

Anita Johnson said...

This is the first time I have visited your blog...I have been totally loving your photography and writings and then I come to this and I am thinking, WOW, I I have never seen anything like this in a home...and I totally believed you were going to tweet it for Easter! Ha!