Friday, March 27, 2015

A Suburban Girl's Find: Made With Love

A little 
Every Day Things - 
A Day in the Life of a Suburban Girl 
Vol. 2
before I head off to a bridal shower.

I found these really sweet measuring spoons for sale.

How cute are they?

They are also a really nice quality. 
Like them? 
You can get them here at Greater Good 
and your purchase goes to a good cause.  

I am in no way compensated for this post or any purchase you make. 
I just like the product. 

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doodles n daydreams said...



Tamar SB said...

Those are so sweet!

Unknown said...

They are adorable. Good find. Visiting from Kim's.

MadSnapper said...

the spoons are so pretty and your spoon ART is amazing. love the ribbon and the colors..

Sarah Huizenga said...

The retail store where I use to work had those, along with a coffee measuring spoon. I never bought them but I always admired them.

Linda Kay said...

I've seen so many beautiful measuring spoons in shops lately, so this must be a new trend.

Wayne said...

They are really thoughtful! I'd imagine they would leave their pattern in something like brown sugar, might be another photo op.

Claudia W | ImagesByCW said...

These are gorgeous! I think I will click away and check them out, because as it stands, we need new ones :)
p.s. your photos are great advertising for them

Anonymous said...

I love them and I think they would make a great gift for a cook!

Pierced Wonderings said...

They are awesome! My mom found some like those with fleur de lis on them which were great gifts for my mother-in-law.