Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Where Water Flows Yellow

There is a place not too far away from me known as Yellow Springs...
but I just discovered it for myself.

Inside the Historic Washington Building  
(where someone needs to address that tacky flooring.)  
Historic Yellow Springs, Chester Springs, PA  

Yellow Springs is a historic village
currently undergoing some serious renovations.
This wasn't the best time to visit,
unless you want to see ladders, saws and paint buckets.

Ruins of a Revolutionary War Hospital  
(with historic buildings beyond.) 

Underneath all of that busy-ness
you can see the bones of history:
Native American,
American Revolution,
American Civil War,
Country Art School,
Modern Film Production.
And those old bones seem to be part
of a thriving artist community.

Taking in the Sun  
Behind the Chester Springs Studio  

But the really cool part about Yellow Springs is...
the orange yellow springs!
Yes, there really are springs here
that still flow orange yellow.
We won't argue color here as
that might entail renaming an entire town.

Water from the Yellow Springs  
How cool is that?  

The water is actually clear
but it leaves a deposit of minerals,
in this case iron, sulphur and magnesium,
which stain the path where the water flows.

The Poolhouse and Bridge  

Unlike other popular springs,
these are not hot springs
just mineral laden springs.
 Native Americans, Colonial Americans
and Victorian Americans all gathered here
in belief of the springs' curative powers.

The Iron Spring Gazebo 
(sits on top of the springs which run off behind.) 

This made me wonder about the medicinal effectiveness of 'taking the waters.'
And I thought,
"Gee, my iron levels tank if I don't take a supplement."
So if I lived pre modern medicine
and my doctor sent me here
to drink and soak in this stuff -
yeah, it just might work.
Just look at all this iron!

Inside the Gazebo 
(you can see the iron laden spring water through the grated flooring.)  

And if that wasn't enough,
I am sure the other spa activities of the day would help cure me:
lectures, dances, concerts and parties.
So sign me up doc!

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Tamar SB said...

Looks like a gorgeous place to visit!

Kathy said...

Interesting place but I'm not sure I'd drink the water!

Kmcblackburn said...

I have never heard of this place! How interesting. I love those floral arrangements in the windows...bound by burlap?!?! Keeping a mental note on that idea!

MadSnapper said...

I think we have an Orange Springs here in Florida so maybe that is why yours is Yellow Springs. LOL... as always your photos are fantastic. i love the windows with the wide sills and that narrow staircase in the first shot. a place i would love to see. i popped over to your website and visited through the photos

Linda Kay said...

I so love to see these historical places and walk where so many people from the past of walked before me.

Tom said...

Rebecca, what a great tour, yet another destination for me. We have a couple of sulfur springs in this area that were health resorts in the 1800's. Tom The Backroads Traveller

Julie's Lifestyle said...

What a lovely place to visit! Thank you for sharing the photos! Thanks too for the lovely visit today!

Anonymous said...

What a neat place. And your photos do it justice. But that floor, ak!

Sarah Huizenga said...

The water color reminds me of the color of the water up in our Upper Peninsula.

doodles n daydreams said...

It looks like a neat place to retreat to regardless of whether the iron would cure you anyway.