Thursday, June 18, 2015

8 Must See Scenic Places to Photograph in Philadelphia

Every now and then
this Suburban Girl ventures into the big city.
Here are a few of my favorite haunts:

Philadelphia City Hall
We have William Penn,
the founder of the Province of Pennsylvania
atop our City Hall.
See him waving to you?

Schuylkill Banks, Philadelphia
Looking back at the city
along the Schuylkill River  (skoo-kill)
is a new walk that connects to a multi use trail.

Ben Franklin Bridge, Philadelphia
Near Penn's Landing along the Delaware River
the Ben Franklin Bridge is illuminated at night.
and connects the city to Camden, New Jersey

Boathouse Row, Philadelphia
Boathouses line the Schuylkill River
where rowing clubs house their racing shells.
On warm weekends you might catch a regatta
on the river.

Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia
This college campus is beautiful
with the main structure resembling a castle.

Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Philadelphia
Once abandoned and completely overgrown,
this historic cemetery is now undergoing restoration.

Morris Arboretum, Philadelphia
A lovely arboretum
with gardens, structures and art sculptures throughout.

and of course

Fairmount Park
The park (9200 acres)
is the largest urban green space in the country.  


Mersad said...

Magnificent sights from Philadelphia. Your images are truly stunning and really make me want to visit. Love the Chestnut Hill College and the way you captured that shot. The Boathouse Row is also great, amazing skies there. You really excelled with the Ben Franklin Bridge shot. All around great sights!


MadSnapper said...

so beautiful, i especially like the boathouse row photo. I was in Philly once, but we were driving an 18 wheeler and trying to pick up a haul, i saw nothing but streets, narrow streets we would not fit down...

~JarieLyn~ said...

Rebecca, these are stunning. I've never been anywhere in Pennsylvania but your photos sure do entice me. It's on my bucket list. I love the boat row photo, the franklin bridge and the cemetary. Absolutely fantastic.

Linda Kay said...

You have taken some really beautiful pictures, and you had picture perfect days for your shots as well. I've not been to Philly, but hope to still go there someday.

Tamar SB said...

AHH! Can't wait to be back in the area soon!!

Adrienne said...

These are just gorgeous!!! I love the first one - I worked in the city hall courtyard in 1976!! I love that down town area! Really, such wonderful shots of my 'original' home town!

Ida said...

Wow these were fabulous. My favorite was the 2nd shot - It had to be taken in autumn and is just gorgeous.

facile et beau - Gusta said...

Great pictures. I like the boathouse row ..... really dramatic sky.

Molly said...

We will be there in August for 3 whole glorious weeks, seeing relatives and generally having a fabulous time. I LOVE Philly and I am so excited to be coming back. We have not been to Mt. Moriah Cemetery before though... I shall have to add that to my list


Kim Cunningham said...

These are all so stunning!

Kathy said...

Sad to say but I'm not very well traveled. Would love to see Philly someday. You make it look so beautiful.

abrianna said...

Boat house Row-I would pass it on the train going back and forth to college and since it would be twilight or darker the lights were on as we passed.

abrianna said...

Boat house Row-I would pass it on the train going back and forth to college and since it would be twilight or darker the lights were on as we passed.

Sarah Huizenga said...

I loved seeing Boathouse row. I just finished reading The Boys in the Boat for bookclub, so it was great to have a visual of what those places look like today. Someday I will make it to Philly.