Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Suburban Girl's Survival Secret Revealed


I have just over two weeks until I face an empty nest. 
Soccer Boy is leaving for bigger and better things 
with the hopes of becoming Engineer Boy, 
just like his dad. 

Just the Two of Us

Instead of the three of us,
 which was once the five of us, 
it will soon be just the two of us.

The Squabble

I remember when we had little ankle biters
squabbling around the house
and I longed to have just the two of us times.


Facing endless days of just the two of us sounds a little lonely,
like too much solitude.
I used to think there was no such think as too much solitude.

But that was back when I used to lock myself in the bathroom
with a hidden bag of chocolate for survival
from those little ankle biters.
Until one of those little ankle biters figured out my secret.
"Mommy, let me smell your breath,"
she'd say as I emerged from my not-so-secret hideaway.

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Tom said...

What wonderful images of a day at the beach! Tom The Backroads Traveller

MadSnapper said...

your photos are fantastic and they state exactly what you are feeling. Here is hoping you find many wonderful things to fill your new found time

Mersad said...

I was on the other side of this, when I left home for collage. But I also know how you must feel. Great photos.

Mersad Donko Photography

Adrienne said...

Beautiful, beautiful photos. We are six years into this empty nest thing. We've loved it. I've loved it. Oh, there are moments for processing and waves of nostalgia...for sure. But mostly there has been time. And possibility, flexibility, sleep, dates {both in and out of the house!} and re-discovery! I wish you the same happiness we've had!!

abrianna said...

Beautiful photos. WE are about 6 years away from that time ourselves...sigh....

abrianna said...

Beautiful photos. WE are about 6 years away from that time ourselves...sigh....

Wayne said...

I will be in your shoes in exactly 1 year as we are feverishly exploring Engineering schools in the 'area'. It will be bittersweet. Love the photos.

EG CameraGirl said...

I'm laughing! Your little ankle biter was way, way too clever. ;))

Out And About Global said...

The photos are beautiful, but your sentiments are even better. My very own (my first) is headed off to university at the end of the month and I am so sad at the thought--Happy for her, sad for me!

Donna Hopkins said...

You are a fabulous story-teller, making the ordinary trials of life seem like adventure and lifting the mood with laughter. My nest will be empty, too - and this will be a transition. I'll miss the my own little "ankle biter" but I'm ready to embrace this next phase of life, too! Beautiful images in today's post!

Sarah Huizenga said...

"Just the two of us", oh how I miss that, because sometimes they do come back :)

Laurie said...

Oh how I remember those first few days, weeks and months of the empty nest. Find something to do with your other'll need it to break the solitude. Gorgeous photos today! And, good luck when your nest becomes empty.

Tamar SB said...

These are such great pictures!

Kathy said...

Aww! What a sweet post!

Molly said...

Ahhh hiding in the bathroom.... I totally remember that. Mine are 16 and 12 and I still have to resort to that from time to time


Magnus said...

Beautiful shots!

What Karen Sees said...

Never fear, you will survive being an empty nester, especially if you fill your life with good friends, satisfying hobbies, passionate causes, selfless service, and renewed courtship with your man!

Unknown said...

It scares me a little.