Monday, November 9, 2015

Some Give All, All Give Some, All Give Thanks

You make a list.
You buy the ingredients.
You invite some family and friends.
You set your table.
You decorate your home.
Maybe, you'll have a crackling fire too.

Your guests arrive.
You laugh.
You tease.
You hug.
You smile.

 4.0s, f7.1, 320 iso 
47mm with Canon 500D Close Up Lens

Do you pause,
do you think -
of the soldier
who does not
enjoy Thanksgiving Day?
He might be on duty -
in the barracks -
or alone.

.8s, f7.1, 320 iso 
65mm with Canon 500D Close Up Lens

I discovered an organization that
provides Thanksgiving meals
to active-duty military stationed in San Diego
who cannot be with family or friends for the holiday.

Image: SD Thanksgiving

Would you make a donation to help them reach their goal
of giving 200 military members a Thanksgiving Day to enjoy?
$20 will cover the cost for one soldier/sailor.

Thanksgiving Day
by John Forster & Tom Chapin 
© 1990 Limousine Music Co. & The Last Music Co. (ASCAP)

Everything changes, yes, even Thanksgiving. 
Let's rededicate this old day 
To helping the hungry, the poor and the homeless 
So all may be able to say-- 
Thanks for our health. 
Thanks for our hearth 
And the bounty that grows from the ground. 
With our loved ones near we bless the year 
That's brought us safely 'round. 
With our loved ones near we bless the year 
That's brought us safely 'round. 

**Brendan Hall, the Go Fund Me organizer,  

is my daughter's landlord.
I have no other connection to the organization.  
For more info: 


Tamar SB said...

Thank you for sharing this! I am going to make a donation, ASAP!

NCSue said...

What a wonderful idea!
Love that second photo BTW - full of interest.
Thanks for linking up at

Anonymous said...

Wonder if this is the same organization that came to our door when we lived in L.A. for donations to send packages for the armed forces overseas... anyways, we can't think enough about them! Thanks for visiting me:)

Kathy said...

A marvelous way to share your Thanksgiving bounty.

aspiritofsimplicity said...

What a wonderful blessing for those that are without this holiday season. It is not enough that we count our blessings...we must put them to use.

Nancy said...

$20 is such a small amount to provide someone with a meal and to know they are remembered and honored for serving our country. Thanks for the contact website.....

Kmcblackburn said...

What a great cause! Thanks for sharing and spreading the word.

Molly said...

It is quite shocking really that in this modern day and age so many people are still hungry and poor in what is the richest country on earth. Thank you for sharing a positive message


Tom said...

Very nice!

Drew Doyle Storm Snyder Minow said...


likeschocolate said...

LOvely shotos! So heart warming!

CountryMouse said...

Lovely photos and I like the edit on the first one. What a good idea this cause is, I know how hard it is to miss celebrations with family.

Sarah Huizenga said...

Well done. Love that first shot in black and white.

Adrienne said...

Beautiful! Really love the edit on the b/w!!