Friday, December 18, 2015

Confessions of a Lazy Photographer

 I hate lugging photo gear with me.
And even if I lug it...say a tripod...
I hate setting it up and taking it down.
Such a bother.

Philadelphia City Hall from Avenue of the Arts 
f8, ISO 400, 3 sec with tripod
Edited in Lightroom 5 and Topaz Glow

In the city the other night,
I lugged my tripod along
because you really should take a tripod
if you plan on night photos.
Unintentionally bumping it into people
on the city streets
I made my way from point to point.

I took too many pictures without using said tripod
because I'd have to open and close it
and release the camera from the Black Rapid strap repetitively.
You tell yourself just bump the ISO up
so you can handhold.
Those images never turn out.
So why do I do it over and over again?

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Tamar SB said...

Rebecca, this is stunning!!!

Wayne said...

I love this shot.

I attach my Black Rapid to one of the strap lugs (using a ring), which keeps the tripod mount open at all times.

Sandra said...

absolutely gorgeous and you do it because you can and becuase it is your gift from God to be a photographer

Kathy McB said...

Haha, I NEVER take a tripod with me because I'm too lazy AND...because I don't even own one! :) I always try to find something to set my camera on if need be. There have been quite a few 'interesting' resting spots over the years.

Rebecca said...

Despite carrying the tripod, I always look for rest spots first. But now that I read Wayne's comment I may be onto something better!

doodles n daydreams said...

We tried to get photos of a clear crescent moon a couple of nights ago and neither of us thought of the tripod :( Needless to say they didn't turn out. Your photo is stunning.


Sarah Huizenga said...

Somehow we expect things to be different this time :)

Kerry said...

Wow, the tripod came through again. :) Nice shot! Last week I found a tripod in the woods.I put a lost and found notice on craigslist, but so far it looks like it's mine. I wonder if it's better than the pain-in-the-neck one I already have.

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Beautiful! Worth the lugging!

Nancy said...

It was definitely worth it this time; beautiful capture....I too hate lugging gear and often miss a really good shot because of it.....Merry Christmas....

Kim Cunningham said...

This is great! I love the lights and mood of night photography. Maybe you could ask Santa for a monopod to make it easier?

James said...

I confess that I haven't touched my tripod in years. Yes, I'm lazy! However you've inspired me to dust it off. :-)

Geoff Wilkinson said...

Father Christmas brought me a new one this year, I did a ton of research and found one that was lighter than my previous one but still very sturdy...New Years resolution...use the tripod more. Love the picture, happy new year...