Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Pageantry of the Mummer's String Bands

You know how it is, right? 
When you live in an area your entire life, 
but miss out on some aspect relevant to where you live. 
Enter: The Mummers

South Philadelphia String Band

If you have never heard of them, 
then you are not from Philadelphia. 

Quaker City String Band

The Mummers parade each New Year's Day in Philadelphia -  
the highlight being the costumed string bands. 
But, I had never been to a New Year's Day Mummer's Parade.

Duffy String Band

Being German, we were too busy  
wishing ourselves good luck with 
our pork and sauerkraut New Year's Day Dinners. 

Fralinger String Band

And later, 
having a New Year's Eve baby 
the day became a family birthday celebration. 

Ferko String Band

So after half a century I have finally experienced 
the pageantry of the Mummer's string bands. 

Aqua String Band

In order to offset costs, 
the string bands now have a fundraising parade in Manayunk each year. 
This was the second year 
and it was on a day I could attend - 
finally getting to experience the Philly string bands
in all their glory. 

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Mersad said...

Now I have heard of them :) Those are some great and festive images.

Mersad Donko Photography

Andy said...

I am person that believes in colour photography.
My eyes just got a real treat looking at your photos.

Tamar SB said...

Such a fun tradition!!

Linda (LB2556) said...

Beautiful explosion of color and excitement! Well done Becky!

MadSnapper said...

they take color to a new height.. that first photo is awesome. had to hunt to find their faces and hands in all that brilliant color... bob talks about them a lot. in Savannah each parade had a few mummers but only a few.. nothing like this

Chere Mama said...

The Aqua String band man makes me happy just looking at him! What a hoot of a parade! Makes me want to visit Philadelphia.

Unknown said...

What a great tradition... and amazing pictures!!

Wayne said...

I think the pageantry is really amazing, but I have never attended the new years day parade.

Sarah Huizenga said...

I love all the vibrant colors. What a treat to finally see.

Ida said...

Wow these are so colorful and fun.

Kerry said...

COLOR!!!! I have heard of the mummers, but had forgotten what a spectacle they make. Glad to see a young face in there! It seems like the kind of thing that could die out these days.