Monday, March 7, 2016

Getting High In Philly

Yeah, there are plenty of ways 
of getting high in Philadelphia. 
Higher than a kite, in fact.  

Let me share 3 ways...
I should say - legal ways. 

View from City Hall, Philadelphia, PA
Two Liberty Place-One Liberty Place-BNY Mellon Center-Comcast Center
as seen from atop City Hall. 
What is it about cities 
bragging on their tallest buildings? 

In 1901 Philadelphia, 
City Hall was the 
tallest building in the world. 
Those were some big bragging rights - 
getting pretty high too. 

Philadelphia from the 39th Floor
City Hall as seen from the 39th Floor of Commerce Square West

It held the title of 
 Tallest Building in Philadelphia until 
One Liberty Place 
controversially surpassed it in the 1980s.
Getting higher...

The Observation Deck at One Liberty Place
That was controversial 
because there had been a 
gentleman's agreement 
not to build higher than 
William Penn on top of City Hall. 

Philadelphia Reflections from the 39th Floor
City Reflections from 39th Floor of Commerce Square West 
One Liberty Place is the 
tallest building in Philadelphia, 
15th tallest in the United States, 
98th tallest in the world. 

Philadelphia from the 39th Floor
Billy Keeps an Eye on His City

Today, William Penn has 
8 neighboring skyscrapers 
looking down on him.  
I guess if you are that high 
having taller neighbors 
won't bother you too much anyway. 

Benjamin Franklin Bridge - Connecting Philadelphia to Camden, New Jersey

Cost of Getting High in Philly: 
City Hall Observation Deck - $6 (548ft)
One Liberty Place Observation Deck - $19 (883ft.)
Commerce Square West - You need a connection. 


MadSnapper said...

that first photo is so beautiful, i have seen that skyline on TV and in Movies many times and know were prettier. LOVE the reflections shots and OH My on the cost of getting these shots. and i have been fussing because they want 19.00 for me to see the Otters at our local Aquarium..

Tamar SB said...

Great views! I just went to the observation floor at our tallest building!!

Wayne said...

I have been trying to figure out when I can get to the 1 liberty place observation deck and realizes I never visited the one in city hall!

Anonymous said...

Some tall buildings are not as beautiful as this one! Great captures, Rebecca! Just a reminder to link tomorrow (Tue or Wed.) to SEASONS meme. Appreciate your visit:)

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

Such a beautiful city. Love the blue sky reflected in those tall buildings. The contrast between the old and new is well done. Fun reflections, too.

Margaret Birding For Pleasure said...

Great view but I relly love the reflection shot best.

fredamans said...

Beautiful city! I love the building reflections.

likeschocolate said...

Gorgeous photos to showcase such a fun and historical city!

Sharon said...

I love those reflections! Philly is on my bucket list. Thank you for sharing these fun images of a "high" view of the city.

Chere Mama said...

Poor William Penn! His building is the prettiest, though not the tallest. So, there is that!

Molly said...

I LOVE this city, next time we visit I am going to take a hike up to see William Penn as I have never been up there