Thursday, November 10, 2016

Where Have All The Apples Gone?

Yeah, I am late to the apple party. 

Look Mom, no two hands. 

We picked these back in September. 

Little K-cakes first trip to the farm
Did you see the little witch's hat on K-cakes? 
I couldn't resist that when I found it. 

Add caption
I know, it is time for Turkeys 
and I am still editing apples.  

Apple Bins

At least I can get these off the computer now. 

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MadSnapper said...

I have never seen that many apples or any growing on a tree. I know they are in right now because our stores are full of all of them, I have cooked apples twice in the past couple of weeks. we like them just stewed down with cinnamon and brown sugar. love the itty bitty witch hat on the precious little one

Sarah Huizenga said...

You get done what you get done. I personally love seeing apples yet in November, better than snowflakes.

Tamar SB said...

She is so cute! I bet this will be a fun fall event with her for years to come!

Wayne said...

That's a great hat on that little cutie pie!

Alicia said...

And now I must have apples! Those looks delicious. Love the little witches hat and K-cakes is adorable!

Chere Mama said...

Great pictures!