Wednesday, December 7, 2016

What's on Pea Patch Island?

Central Hotel, Delaware City, Delaware

I love visiting towns, 
cities not so much, 
just small towns and big towns. 

Christ Episcopal Church, Delaware City, Delaware

This visit was to Fort Delaware and Delaware City, 
but Delaware City isn't a city by Philadelphia standards 
so it fit the bill. 

An Inviting Home in Delaware City

One of the neat things here is that in order to visit the fort 
you need to take a ferry ride.  
Fort Delaware is on Pea Patch Island in the Delaware River. 

Two Penn State Engineers - My Husband and My Brother
With Delaware City in the Background

The Fort was built in 1859 to protect Wilmington, DE and Philadelphia, PA 
from attack by way of the Delaware River. 

The Welcoming Committee on Pea Patch Island, the Home of Fort Delaware

This fort never saw battle. 

Inside Fort Delaware, Pea Patch Island, Delaware

However, the fort was used during the American Civil War 
by the north to house southern prisoners of war. 

Sights Like This Make Me Swoon

The prisoners did not live inside the fort, 
there were barracks outside for them. 

The Moat and Exterior of Fort Delaware, Pea Patch Island, Delaware 

The island is surrounded not only by a river, but a moat also surrounds the fort. 
The island is able to be flooded in the event of attack. 

And Swoon Some More...

This fort reminds me a lot of a fort we visited in Virginia - 

Living History at Fort Delaware, Pea Patch Island, Delaware

I just love photographing in places like this
and it works because my engineer loves the engineering and the history.
I can snap away while he studies things and asks questions.

OK, So There Was Lots of Swooning Going on! 

Hey, two posts in one week!
I am finally catching up on my personal photos -
I made this trip September 10, 2016.

Fort Delaware (red dot) is a day trip from southeastern Pennsylvania.

For more images from Fort Delaware click here

If you go, and I do recommend going, 
check the ferry schedule in advance! 

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Tamar SB said...

I had no idea that was there! What an interesting part of history!

Wayne said...

DC was among my high school stomping grounds, but I never visited the fort.

Sarah Huizenga said...

Fabulous fort. I love anything old, so this is awesome. The weather definitely looked warmer.