Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Meet Joshua Tree

The Joshua Tree 

Joshua Tree is not a tree, 
it just looks like one. 
Joshua Tree is actually a Yucca 
and is found primarily in the Mohave Dessert. 

Joshua Trees and Rocks 

The Joshua Tree lives peacefully with a multitude of rocks. 
More rocks than you can imagine ever existed. 
A whole desert full of rocks. 

Mr. Engineer, Teacher Girl (who lives in San Diego) and Soccer Boy (who was on spring break.) 

When we entered the desert, 
I couldn't wait to climb on the rocks 
or to photograph rock formations. 

Mr Engineer Had Ants in His Pants After This Photo. (For real.)

No Ants in My Pants 

But, by the time we left, 
I was so done with rocks. 

Rock Climbing Heaven

I'm thinking this place would be a rock climber's heaven. 
For everyone else a day will do ya. 

Checking Out the San Andreas Fault 
(The small hill line in the valley.) 

Checking Out the Petroglyphs in the Rocks.
Look behind her. 

I'm pretty certain Dr Seuss was inspired by the Joshua Tree. 
 After all, he only lived 2.5 hours from the Mohave Dessert. 

The Sneeches, by Dr. Seuss

What do you think? 
The only thing missing is the rocks. 

If you love rocks, the desert or Joshua Trees, you can view lots more here. 

Shared with Through My Lens.

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Tamar SB said...

That is so gorgeous!!

Wayne said...

It's an amazing place, on my bucket list.

Patrick Tillett, a blogger I follow, lives around there and is really knowledgeable in petroglyphs. If you're still in the area, look him up, he's always posting about bloggers who visit him.


Chere Mama said...

Ha Ha! "..a day will do ya". I remember when we drove through Utah and we started out saying ooooohhh ahhhhh a VISTA. And by the time we were halfway through, we said, "huh, another vista ho hum". My husband called it Vista Fatigue. But to a rock climber they would be amazing!! Love all the pictures.

MadSnapper said...

I have often wished to see the Joshua trees, thinking they were trees. they are mentioned in most of the Westerns I have read thousands of... awesome photos and trip... he he he on ants in the pants and I do believe you are right about the Dr. Zeus.

Sharon said...

What a fine place to view nature. I've been there once and would love to return and hike!

Jeanne said...

Looks like such a starkly beautiful place and I agree there are plenty of rocks!