Monday, March 13, 2017

The Town That Almost Went Ghost

If you look up Main Street in Julian and use your imagination 
you can see the makings of a western ghost town here. 

Main Street, Julian, CA

This town began in the 1870s with the one and only San Diego Gold Rush
but it didn't die with it. 
Those pioneers stayed and began farming...apples. 
Apples saved Julian. 

Me With Some Julian Hot Cider

Well, apples and location. 
Located in the mountains 
Julian offers hiking and off-roading trails. 
Surrounded by reservations it also 
offers a nearby casino. 

Pioneer Cemetery

But it seems all those people make their way into Julian for apple pie. 
Julian is famous for its apple pie so of course we had to buy one. 
I was quite the skeptic - 
thinking this is just a tourist ploy - 
but the apple pie was the best I have had. 

Shop Signs, Julian, CA

In historic Julian, 
quaint and interesting shops fill the old buildings. 
There are plenty of options for dining as well. 

An Old Soda Fountain on Main Street

As much as I would have liked to visit a real ghost town, 
Julian was quaint and tasty enough to keep us happy. 

Heading Back to San Diego and Warmth
We visited from San Diego 
and failed to keep in mind the difference altitude would make in the weather.  
We were cold so we put on everything we had with us! 

Keeping Warm With Hot Cider

And the last photo I have to add because dirty Jeeps were everywhere in Julian. 
We passed them the whole way on the route into town. 
Jeeps and RVs. 
I loved this one with the little dog on the driver's lap. 

Man and His Little Dog

Julian is an hour east of San Diego and makes a good day trip. 

For more images of Julian, 

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Tamar SB said...

Mm! How fun and tasty!

MadSnapper said...

I love, love, love the dead tree photo. it is speaking my language. and the dog and the arm is priceless. I would like to see this town, I can see it is a pretty western town.. Western is my thing. I am so very happy you include YOU in a photo... I have never seen your before and now I can picture you taking pictures

Alicia said...

I believe I visited Julian once when I was in high school. But I hardly remember much but the name. It looks like a lovely place to visit, I'll have to try it soon. What??? No picture of the apple pie? I was ready to start salivating!

Ida said...

That pie sounds mighty tasty. What a charming place. It's great that the Apples helped save the town. Very intersting post. I loved that shot of the trees on your way home.

Sarah Huizenga said...

Fabulous place and looks like a great road trip. Love that photo of the burned and dead trees, such a feel to it.