Friday, June 30, 2017

Separation Day

Historic Homes in New Castle, Delaware
Did you know the British colonies were preceded in declaring their independence from Britain? 

The Old Library
The Old Library, New Castle, Delaware

I had no idea until I visited Old New Castle, Delaware on Separation Day, June 15 when
the town of Old New Castle was making big preparations for celebrating their independence. 

Immanuel Episcopal Church, New Castle, Delaware

At one time the three counties of Delaware belonged to Pennsylvania.
I'm guessing that is something you only learn in Delaware.  

New Castle Pier, Delaware

On June 15, 1776 Delaware simultaneously declared independence from 
Britain AND Pennsylvania and became their own colony state. 

New Castle Courthouse from the Common

They beat the rest of the colonies by a few weeks 
so they celebrate Independence Day on June 15 and July 4.
Lucky folks.  

Amstel House. New Castle, DE

New Castle is a great day trip, 
it is full of history and beautiful old homes. 
When I planned our trip, my husband and I had no idea it coincided with Separation Day 
or we would have allowed ourselves more time there. 

New Castle, DE 

For more of my images of Old New Castle, click here. 

Happy Independence Day! 

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MadSnapper said...

I did NOT know this, any of this. I love these photos and all the old beautiful buildings. I am also very happy that we declared our independence way back then

Wayne said...

My childhood stomping grounds :-) You could spend days walking around those little alley's and never see them all.

NC Presbyterian Church had similar white stones in the hallways, which were the tombstone of early pastors. The pier used to be a point of immigration in the early 1700's for Scotch-Irish - I'm trying to discover if that's how my ancestors came to the US.

The best part is that's it's only a hour away.

Sarah Huizenga said...

That church - oh my goodness!

Mersad said...

Great info Rebecca and even better images to go with it.

likeschocolate said...

Never knew that! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I did NOT know this, any of this. I love these photos and all the old beautiful buildings.