Thursday, August 24, 2017

A Day in Munich

We landed in Munich in the morning and took the train to Marienplatz. 
Perfect timing...we came up from the train and it was time for the glockenspiel. 

The Glockenspiel in Marienplatz, Munich

We had one day in Munich...
we knew it wasn't enough but we had places to go and people to see. 
So we had to make the best of it. 

Hofbrauhaus Munich

Lunch at the Hofbrauhaus because the kids had never been 
and you have to go at least once. 
...And in an alley outside the Hofbrauhaus is a plaque with the family name: Hägele. 
That's why we came after 


We made our way to the English Garden. 

New and Old Combined. 

You really need a day and a bike to explore the whole garden, 
but for us seeing the surfers would suffice. 

Surfing in the Eisbach

And a memorial on the way back to the city. 

Monopterus Monument, The English Garden, Munich

Then a peek in a church. 

St. Ludwig's, Munich

Some more sightseeing as we make our way to the Viktualienmarkt. 

Ludwig I, Munich

The Viktualienmarkt is where you will find the May Pole 
and lots of yummy foods. 

May Pole, Munich

But I went to St Peter's Tower
for a bird's eye view of Munich instead. 

Munich from St Peter's Church Tower

Here's something the guidebooks won't tell you...

Munich from St Peter's Church Tower

Some people decide to view the glockenspiel from the church tower. 
It created a CLOG of people waiting. 
I looked across the way at the Rathaus tower and no one was on their tower. 
Before you choose a tower to climb, 
look up and see how crowded it is first. 
I'd pick the least crowded next time. 

In the morning it was time to leave already, 
but I took a quick walk myself before saying goodbye. 

Max. Joseph in the Morning

In hindsight we should have stayed in Munich longer, 
I think the kids would have liked that. 

For more Munich photos, click here. 


Tamar SB said...

What a gorgeous city!!
Hope you'll join Little Things Thursday!

Mersad said...

I have been to Munich during Christmastime. It was magical!