Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Pave Paradise

...and put up a parking lot. 

For John and Chara Haas, 
Stoneleigh was their paradise of 80 years. 

After their deaths, Stoneleigh, their 42 acre estate, 
was donated to Natural Lands 
in order that it be protected forever

"The donation had a singular purpose: 
to open Stoneleigh up to the general public, 
so that everyone could enjoy this natural treasure free of charge."

Stoneleigh opened as a public garden in May 2018.  

But if the local school district has their way, 
some or all of the property will be condemned 
and acquired by eminent domain 
in order to build a new school and ball fields. 

Lower Merion officials have failed to plan properly 
for the growth of their community 
and now want to cover their collective butts 
with this possible acquisition. 

Why is this important to you? 
Because if it happens in Lower Merion 
it can happen anywhere. 
There is no precedent of a public garden 
being acquired by eminent domain.  

Help by signing the petition to save Stoneleigh here

You can learn more about Stoneleigh here

UPDATE: Stoneleigh has been saved!
PA passed legislation that would make 
an eminent domain takeover of this property illegal. 

I am definitely not as active blogging as I used to be,
but I am still posting photos on Instagram


Jill Foley said...

What a gorgeous place...surely there is another location for the school. I love the name of it, too - Stoneleigh!

MadSnapper said...

our world has gone quite mad, I signed the petition and hope it helps preserve this beautiful place for the public.